Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Break - Shooting Rang/Domes

The week of spring break we went down to Casa Grande for a day to have fun. We ended up going to the shooting range. I loved Mason's quote at the end of the day, "Wow, that's the last thing I thought I'd be doing with the Leybas's. You guys are so random." It's true. You'd never guess that we had 3 pistols and two rifles out there with more at home!

Ok, so everyone did alright and hit their targets every now and then, but this woman below... don't mess. She was a dead shot on everything she called EACH AND EVERY TIME! Who knew she was such a marksman! Well she did... and she would brag about it and now we believe her.

The little gun my dad is shooting below was/is my Grandpa's. He use to carry it around with him everywhere he went. Yup... we're Mexican.

After the sun went down and being we were so close I suggested driving over to THE DOMES. Did the name just give you chills?? It should have. The domes are some strange weird thing that makes Casa Grande even more strange than it already is. The domes aren't known about except to the locals and mostly high school students who like to go out there and scare themselves. When I went out there before when I was in high school we had seen sacrificed goats and all kinds of other creepy things. Sounds like fun huh!? Well I had to take Mason out there to show him the place I'd been telling him about since we met! The last time I'd gone out there about 5 years go they had fenced the things in because they were collapsing. But the fences were gone!!!! My cheap thrills were in heaven.

Ok so here's a picture of them in the daylight, but CLEARLY they are much creepier at night.

Mason thinks he's so brave. I had to warn him of the holes in the floors being we had no flashlight. Look at all the orbs in this picture below!!!!!!

Kyle being not so brave - actually I should call him smart. He knows.

I'm so glad Mason got to experience the DOMES. Stacey, you missed out. She was being nice and staying home with the babies who wouldn't have enjoyed the sound of shooting guns.


Britta Mosman said...

Haha, love this! Sounds so much like my family! I don't know about the Domes though, they look creepy!

Nicole said...

Oh, the Domes. Good times, good times.

Ken & Kristina said...

Those Domes look great! I had no idea anything like that existed. And a pregnant Allison with a gun... too funny.

Clayton and Niki said...

I remember when you took us there!! It WAS creepy! Ah, memories...
I think that was when we went to Casa Grande around Halloween or something to...see a play or something? I can't remember, but I remember those creepy domes. Haha
How are you feeling? When are you due again?
We need to ACTUALLY get together instead of just talking about it :)