Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Grandma's 86th Birthday

On the 9th we celebrated my Grandma's 86th birthday.  She's had such a crazy year and we actually didn't know if we'd see it to her next birthday.  This was her first outing since October and she did great and had a great time eating ribs at her favorite restaurant "Famous Daves."  This little lady loves her ribs!!  Her 2 sisters were there to celebrate and make her day special.

Below is Aunt Dora reading Grandma all her cards.

We went on a Monday afternoon so most of the boys had to work.  From right to left top row: Uncle Mike, Eric, my mom.  2nd row: Stacey/Darci, Boone/me, Grandma, Aunt Carol, Aunt Dora (sitting), and Claudia - Aunt Dora's daughter in law.

Happy birthday Grandma!!  We love you so much!

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xantogal said...

Hooray for grandparents and their birthdays!! :) Looks like you had a great time. By the way: *Poke* ;)