Monday, April 16, 2012


I thought I'd just post an update as to what is going on in our lives right now. We are at a crossroad in our lives and I'm quite curious to know how the next 5 months are going to play out. As most of you know Mason was applying for his Doctorate of Education at ASU and USU. Well we found out Friday that he didn't get accepted to either one. The reason being that both schools look for applicants that have more than 2 years of experience. Understandable. I just wish we would have known that before hand. Anyway... so here are our options:

1 - Stay in Arizona in the same house and Mason stay at the same middle school with the same awful students and likewise awful principal. Not to mention the hour drive to and from.

2 - Stay in AZ and Mason applies at a bunch of high schools in the Peoria area and has a much shorter commute.

3 - Being Mason is needing to teach more years before his doctorate we should probably just move to where we want to end up and start getting our roots sprouted. If he is going to teach for the next 4-5 years then we should move back up to Utah (where we ultimately want to end up) and he should get his name known in the district so that he can later become principal/super intendant/whatever.

My thoughts are so mixed on all of these options. I really don't like Arizona but the thought of leaving it is unbearable because that means I'd be moving away from my parents again who I have seen ATLEAST once a week for the past two years of living here. They have gotten to know my little Boonie and he just loves his Grandma. The thought of him not knowing her and her not knowing him brings me to tears every time I think about it. Plus his cousin who I feel he is finally getting along with lives here and I love watching them grow up together. I've made good friends and I love the ward we are in.

But then like I said, I hate Arizona and I don't want to raise my kids here. I love the seasons of Utah and the culture that exists there.

So the plan is for Mason to apply to high schools up near our house and apply all over in different cities in Utah and do phone interviews and then make our decision once opportunities have presented themselves. But it's so crazy to think about. I asked Mason ever so nicely if we could try and avoid any major life changing decisions or events in the future when I am pregnant. This happened last time when I was pregnant with Boone. We packed up and moved to AZ when I was 6 months pregnant. Not only am I worthless but my emotions are going crazy!! I'm just trying not to think about anything right now because there really is nothing I can do. If you know me, I am a planner and I want to have every single thing planned out up until my due date. So for now I'm just in denial until things start to become a reality.


xantogal said...

Pray :) Pray and have faith that Mason will find a job and you will move (if needed) to where you will both be most needed and all will be well. I love you and I will pray for you too :)

Denise said...

I can imagine how stressful this must be. I am a planner too and hate it when things can't be planned or don't go according to my plan. I will pray for your sweet family and hope things work out well for you! I hope Mason gets a teaching job at Lone Peak! I would love my boys to have him as a teacher!!! Best of luck....and I have learned from experience my plan doesn't always work but God's does...and His is always better :)

Ken & Kristina said...

I am so sorry! I hate it when life throws too many things at you all at once. Ken will be applying for his Doctorate program in August... and there are no colleges in Utah who offer the degree he will be after. Our choices? Texas, Maryland, Kansas, Arizona or California. It all boils down to me selling my home, quitting my job (our primary source of income) and leaving my family - none of which I am willing to do. Ha ha! We should start a support group for wives of Doctorate seeking husbands. :)

Clayton and Niki said...

Oh Allison, I feel your stress. I hate big changes during pregnancies. We moved into our new house 3 days before I had Piper (NOT a good plan). And before we moved, we lived with my parents. So, not only was it a new house, but I didn't have my mom there 24-7 to bounce ideas off of, help with Van, and just talk. It was HUGE adjustment. But I'm happy to say that we did it, and now life is good again.

You guys just need to pray about it, and you'll know what's right. I totally understand your dilemma between being where you want to live and being near family. Clayton and I talk about it all the time. I really don't like Arizona too much either (mainly the valley), but I can't bear to take Van and Piper away from their cousins. And leaving my mom and sisters...I can't even think about it. For us, we chose to stay by family, but we WISH WISH WISH we could pick up our families and move them somewhere different. Who knows, that may change in the future. For now, we're staying put, but everytime I go somewhere different, a part of me wishes I lived somewhere different. Ahh. Life decisions. They are so stressful.

Well, I still want to plan to see you. How are Saturdays for you? I'm thinking it might be easier if I left Van with Clayton and just brought Piper (although I really want Van to meet Boone), but it is hard wrangling two when I'm by myself. And I want to be able to sit and talk (haven't done that in forever.) Right now, Van has double ear infections and Piper has RSV, so we'll have to wait till we're well. But I will definitely send you a message, and we'll make it happen!

Sorry for the NOVEL, good luck making up your mind on your future :)