Monday, March 26, 2012

Boone 18 Months

Happy 18 months you darling blue-eyed, blonde, curly headed thing - you. Boonie, I love you more than words know how to express. The great thing about being your mommy is that my love for you grows everyday. Each morning I am excited to wake up to the sound of you playing in your room knowing that our day spent together will be full of adventure. You are my favorite. I love you to pieces. I'm so happy you are mine.

Weight: 24.9 lbs - 30th percentile
Height: 33 inches - 90th percentile

Above is from earlier this week when we spent an afternoon with my girlfriend Lindsey and her little guy Liam.

Below is quickly becoming one of my all time favorite pictures - ever. It's a little piece of my heaven here on earth. These two are my whole world.

We had a rain storm one Sunday and when we got home from church Boonie went out to play. The rain had stopped but the water was still dripping from the roof.

Sleeping Beauty.

Good morning sunshine!!! Goober.


Ken & Kristina said...

He is so handsome! What a cutie!!

Nicole said...

Yes, he is very handsome! Love the pics!

xantogal said...


Lissa said...

He's so sweet! Love him foloowing Daddy around with his little mower. And hanging out under the drippy roof. Cute little guy! =)