Monday, March 26, 2012

Boone 18 Months

Happy 18 months you darling blue-eyed, blonde, curly headed thing - you. Boonie, I love you more than words know how to express. The great thing about being your mommy is that my love for you grows everyday. Each morning I am excited to wake up to the sound of you playing in your room knowing that our day spent together will be full of adventure. You are my favorite. I love you to pieces. I'm so happy you are mine.

Weight: 24.9 lbs - 30th percentile
Height: 33 inches - 90th percentile

Above is from earlier this week when we spent an afternoon with my girlfriend Lindsey and her little guy Liam.

Below is quickly becoming one of my all time favorite pictures - ever. It's a little piece of my heaven here on earth. These two are my whole world.

We had a rain storm one Sunday and when we got home from church Boonie went out to play. The rain had stopped but the water was still dripping from the roof.

Sleeping Beauty.

Good morning sunshine!!! Goober.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Ostrich Festival

Two weeks ago we went to the Ostrich Festival in Chandler to celebrate my dad's 60th birthday. We had wanted to get out and do something together. None of us had ever been to it before and it looked interesting... so we headed out!

It was basically a glorified carnival that charged you to get in. But we made the best of it and had fun with the kiddos.

Here we are with our front row seats to the most awesome show on earth... "The Bubble Show!" Okay, we all probably lost brain cells and got minor sunburns... but atleast there was only 1 horrible show that day.

Darci saw a bubble.

We walked past a mechanical bull and then saw a kiddie one right beside it. Mason asked if Boonie could ride and they let him for free! At first Boonie wasn't sure what to do or how to hold on, but once it started going (very slowly of course) he started laughing and got a kick out of it.

He has his game face on here:

The highlight of the day were the ostrich races. Man those birds look weird... and they look even weirder with full grown men riding either on top of them or being pulled in chariots.

The birthday boy!!!

And being we are at an ostrich festival... of course you have to get your picture taken in front of an ostrich!!! Who wouldn't!?

It was a fun day. Not quite what we expected, but a fun day still!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

February/March Randoms

Sunday I was asked to play the piano for choir so I went to church 45 minutes before the boys. Boonie squeezes in a nap right before church and then we wake him up, feed him a quick lunch, and then rush out the door by 1:00. I thought it would be interesting to see how Mason fared on his own. Needless to say, church starts at 1:00 and they joined us at 1:50. Hahaha!!! I got a kick out of that and hearing all the reasons why they were so late.

Anyway, Boone showed up looking like an adorable little Belgian boy that I couldn't get enough of. He had a green tie on too, but it never stayed on long enough... not even for a picture. Gosh I love this kid.

Mason has taught him how to smell flowers. Boonie is so cute he will see fake flowers painted on his toys and try and smell them or in his books. Our orange tree outside is packed full of these beautiful little flowers that smell so divine that I could stand out there for hours smelling them. I love orange blossoms. Sometimes I can even catch a wift of them inside the house. They kinda have a Hawaiian smell to them.

These next ones are the random pictures I've been collecting for a while. This one's called, "Don't look at me."

This is the face I get when I tell him to smile.

Boone passed out after the zoo.

We went for a bike ride with Tracy and Nathan Brinley last week. Tracy pulled the boys in this little trailer. Boone loved it! We are hoping to get one this summer from Mason's brother in Utah for our babies next spring!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

12 Weeks!

This is the last ultrasound I got on February 28 when my little peanut was 11 weeks old. I just love this picture because she is waving at the world!! Yes, I'm calling 'it' a she. Of course I'll be okay with a little buddy for Boone if it's a boy, but - I'm calling it a she. Boone was the only one with me at this appt. and when he heard the heartbeat he let out a big, "WHOA!" The doctor laughed.

Below is my 12 week shot (I look a little hammered because this is right after 3 hours of wrestling Boonie at church). It's surprising how much I am showing already!!! Last time I didn't start showing until 20 weeks! I've heard that you show earlier with each one. But at this rate on baby #4 I'll start showing the day of conception!

These ultrasounds were from Jan. 31st (my birthday) when we got to see our little nugget for the first time. She is 7 weeks and 5 days here.

Pregnancy Stats:

  • Total weight gained: 5 lbs. My baby is just over 2 inches long and about the size of a lime. I had a hard time measuring my weight gain at first because I think I gained 5 pounds at Christmas time with all the goodies. So technically I've gained 10 pounds since the end of November, but 5 of those go to Christmas treats and the other 5 go to baby. :) My appetite is hit and miss... somedays I don't want to eat anything, other days I am a bottomless pit. I have been a lot more nauseas with this one, but still am a proud record holder of not throwing up with either pregnancy.
  • Cravings: Nachos!! You know, the gross kind from Circle K. Yum.
  • Aversions: Diaper changing. Ugh–worst curse of an expecting mother with small children. Also, cooking has been pretty rough. Half the time while I am cooking it will gross me out so much that I won't end up eating what I've just spent an hour making. Then when Mason gets home he'll make me a grill cheese sandwich while I sit on the couch turning green.
  • Weird Pregnancy Symptoms: My lower stomach will ache sometimes. I think it has to do with bending over and picking things (Boone) up so much. I've been trying to stop doing that so much, but honestly, it's impossible.
  • Emotions: Over all pretty good, not too much of a cry-baby or a raging lunatic anymore, but I guess you’d have to talk to my husband about that one.
  • New Habit: Couponing! Seriously. I’m into it. It's a nerdy hobby. Also, I've become an extreme day-dreamer coming up with all kinds of plans that I want to get done before the baby get here!
  • Urgency: As I mentioned above... my nesting instinct is taking over the whole house. I think it's because we are probably going to be in this house for atleast another 3 years and being that's the case I want to make it ours. I want to paint the living room, kitchen, family room, baby room, and the guest bathroom. Not to mention the fact that I totally want to redo the whole guest bathroom. Oh yes, and the carpets need to be clean, the two pieces of furniture in the garage need to be refinished, and I want to go through everything in the house and get rid of it all. But the biggest piece of urgency right now is getting back my energy so I can do ANY of the things listed above.