Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Turnin' 29...

Turning 29 feels pretty much the same as 28 - thank goodness. I had a hard time turning 28. Come to think of it i had a hard time turning 25, 26, 27... you catch my drift. But for some reason this year it didn't even phase me. We'll see it that lasts for 30... I doubt it.

On my birthday my whole family took me out to Kabuki, a delicious sushi restaurant! It was so yummy!! Boone's face in the picture below just cracks me up. He is such a camera ham. I had no idea he was even looking at the camera.

Proof that Kyle was there:

Afterwards we went and watched the fountains at the outdoor mall. The boys were all daring each other to run through. Mason led the way and little Boonie went running after. It wasn't the water shooting up out of the ground that got him, it was the water plopping back down on his head. His expression was SO funny, but he just kept on truckin' after his daddy. He's such a tough kid!

Then we all went back to our house for cake and ice cream. My mom made me a darling pink cake!!

The after party:

I still remember the days when 30 seemed old. This is the last year in my 20s! I need to do something amazing!! Hmm....


xantogal said...

What a fun party you had!! I am starting to (purposely) forget how old I'm turning... just so that I don't have a "sad day". Then I laugh because I really can't remember how old I'm getting. Hahaha.

Stephanie Saunders said...

You mean like have another baby? That's something amazing :)