Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Time Out.

I think I have decided that 16 1/2 months is the hardest age thus far. I've been able to handle and love every age, but this one.... There are some things I love... but you get my point. I guess every person is different because I've had friends tell me, "Oh, the newborn stage is the hardest," - nope that one was easy. I think it has to do with the fact that this little guy has so much he wants to say and do, but he doesn't know how to really communicate it all yet. This past week has been REALLY hard. REALLY REALLY hard. I try and set aside special play time for him, but as soon as that time is over he gets mad and fusses the entire time I'm not playing with him. But even when I am playing with him he complains sometimes too. I feel bad. I just want him to be happy and for us to have happy days. He needs 100 percent of my attention at all times.

Perhaps it has something to do with the pregnancy hormones and exhaustion. I hope you all know i am just venting. I love this kid more than life itself and my life would be meaningless without him. It's just been a tough mommy week. I have been praying for patience every single prayer. I sometimes think this must be how heavenly father feels when he watches us. He just wants us to be happy yet we are the ones who need to figure out what it is that will make us happy. He is the ultimate example of patience and I try harder and harder each day to follow his example. Imagine how hard it would be to watch all your children making mistakes and throwing fits when you know so well what they need to do to be happy.

Anyway... I know that this too shall pass. And it's not all bad... I think it's just a combo of wild, crazy, insano little boy and a tired mommy who doesn't want to pick up that unloaded drawer one more time.

Now for some cute pictures to lighten the mood. The other day when Boonie was in time out he threw all his animals and diapers over the gate. You can tell he feels bad about it. Look at his guilty little face in the picture.

Here he is saying, "Uh-oh" about his mistake.

And then these we took on my birthday. Mason was outside watering the grass and somehow it turned into this. Good thing we live in AZ where it's semi warm in the middle of winter!


About us Everts... said...

Congrats on baby #2. I'm personally rooting for a boy but I'm biased. Also, Happy Birthday, again. I told you on FB but needed to say it again. And you do not even look 29 AT ALL. You look amazing. And lastly, yes, 16 months is a very tough age. I think it's tough a little after they turn one until they are 2. I just don't like that stage. It's so demanding and you are counting down the days until Nursery. Also, you're pregnant and I've been there, pregnant, trying to take care of my other little guys. Asher's pregnancy was hard simply because I was so tired all the time, no energy to keep up with my other kids, just really hard. Plus, I was always hurting and my back was killing me all the time. Anyway, like you said, this to shall pass. Asher is already getting so busy and I'm so tired all the time. You're doing great. Vent all you want. It's your blog but it's what all moms are thinking anyway- or they have at some point in time and they just aren't saying it. ;)

Stephanie Saunders said...

It's all dependent on the age and child. Taylor was perhaps the world's easiest toddler, but he was a nightmare as a newborn. Erik? He was the world's easiest newborn, but as a toddler... well, you've seen my facebook posts, I'm sure. And Melanie. Well, she is just a little more difficult all around.

We all get frustrated. Just because you're frustrated doesn't mean you don't love your kid, and we all know that. Good luck! Hopefully those patience prayers kick in soon ;)