Friday, February 17, 2012

The Phoenix Zoo!

Saturday we went to the Phoenix Zoo. We decided to get a year pass being it didn't cost much more than it would have for the both of us to get in. Plus we figured it would be something fun Boone and I could do together to get out of the house. My mom got one and Stacey/Darci did too.

Boone was able to see and focus on most of the animals if they were awake and moving. His all time favorite of the day were the prairie dogs. They were barking at each other which sounded more like a squeak and he was laughing hysterically! He was laughing so hard at them that it made the people around us laugh. Funny little boy.


The orangutan was sitting right up next to the glass looking at all the people. Some of the kids around us were afraid to even stand by him and take a picture. Boonie went right up to him and gave him a kiss on the nose. It was so cute!! We got him to do it again once I got the camera out, but of course the one I actually get on film he slaps the orangutan first, but then he gives him a kiss to make up for it. Boys.

The stinky petting zoo.

We love the zoo!!


Ken & Kristina said...

How fun! You're right about petting zoos... stinky and gross! Boone looks like he's having a ton of fun. Hope you're feeling okay, my pregnant friend.

Lissa said...

FUN! I love the zoo and wish David would let me get a pass. Maybe once he has a nursing job....