Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Encanto Park

We went to Encanto Park last Tuesday because it was Mason's last day of Christmas break. We had never been to Enchanted Island before and thought we'd check it out. It was a beautiful warm day and it felt so good to get out and do something together. Boonie had a blast. He was able to ride a few things all by himself. It's so fun having a kid because you get to be a kid all over again.

His favorite was the carousel. Right after we got off he ran right back to the entrance to go back on again. It really was funny because each time he went around on any ride that we went on he'd try and find either Mason or I standing there and he would wave or smile. It was so cute.

He got to ride the spaceship ride all by himself. We were so worried he was going to fall out. Once the rid started though, he stopped moving.

He spotted Daddy!

He has learned how to fold his arms to say a prayer. The first time he did it was Christmas Eve. We were all sitting down to dinner and we looked over and he was folding his arms. We couldn't believe it because we've never even tried to teach him! It was so cute. Now he loves to 'pray' and you will often find him sitting with his arms crossed expecting you to pray. Apparently he thought we needed to say a prayer before the train ride. We always say a quick little prayer when he does this (it actually kinda makes you stop and think that we should always be thanking Heavenly Father for whatever we are doing or always having a prayer in your heart) and then say amen. Sometimes when we say "Amen" he cheers. I love this little kid. He makes me a better person.

Oh yeah... and he was 'that gross kid' with crusties all over his face. I remember when I didn't have kids I always said, "I will NEVER be one of those mothers whose kids have dried up food and snot all over their faces. It can't be THAT hard to keep them clean!" Little did I know. It's like I have a blind eye to it now a days. I do try though!

What a great way to end Christmas Break!

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xantogal said...

Aaaawwww. I love it! Boonie is a good example to all to remember how often we're supposed to pray and thank our Heavenly Father for the many things in our lives we've been blessed with :) *Like right now - thanking for such wonderful friends like YOU!!