Thursday, January 26, 2012

Glendale Glitters

On January 7th (yes that was a while ago) we went to the last night of Glendale Glitters. I'm so glad we went. I had been hearing about if for a while. They did different things each weekend since the beginning of December and I had always seen the lights at night when driving down Grand Ave so I'm glad we saw what it was all about. I think we picked a good night to go too. The night we went they had 16 hot air balloons.

It started at 4:00 and I think we got there at 4:20 because we knew Boone wouldn't last too long into the night. I'm glad we went that early though because after dinner it was PACKED with people. Like so packed it was impossible to get the stroller around. Luckily we ended up being right in front of one of the balloons that was about to be blown up so we got to see the whole process.

Here they are laying it out.

Here is the inside of a hot air balloon in case you were curious.

Kyle, Stacey, and Darci joined us for the excitement.

Front row seats!!

Darci sportin' her new hat!!!

It was kinda crazy because the hot air balloon we were under was shaped like a butterfly so they had difficulties blowing it up, plus I think they blew it up too close to another balloon. As so as they got it about 25% inflated it started to blow towards the other balloon and a crowd of people. People were screaming and men were running everywhere!! It was pretty exciting!!

Everytime the fire would burst out to fill it up Boonie would say, "WHOA!" We tried to get a picture in front of the balloon when the fire was blowing and lighting it up. So just imagine there is a balloon lit up behind us in this picture below. Oh yes, and also imagine that you can see Boone's face. He was playing peek a boo with Kyle the photographer.

Here is the crazy butterfly balloon that almost killed us all!!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Boone - 16 Months

My little boy is 16 months old!!! Wow!! I can't even put into words how much I love you little Boonie Lefler. You are the light in my life and I thank my Heavenly Father each and everyday for you. You've made me a better person and I can't imagine my life without you.

I've been meaning to get around to his 15 month old post for a month now... so these pictures are from a month ago - that's how behind I am. Here are some things he is doing now at 16 months:

  • Signs: more, folds his arms to pray, all done, down, please, milk, drink, baby signing time, hat, wash hands, thank you, and 'shoo fly'. He also points to the top of his hand whenever he doesn't know the sign to something. I think it makes him feel important, like he is communicating. It's cute.
  • He blows kisses and gives kisses, although not as freely as he use to.
  • He barks.
  • He says, "Dada, Jesus (this one he only whispers and it sounds more Gsis - basically all you can hear is the J and the sis whispered), ball, hot, buh (for milk - we don't know why), oosh (shoe backwards), hi, bye, and then he says bomba a lot but we don't know what it means.
  • Says "Uh-oh" all the time. Most of the time he tattling on himself. I will hear him in the other room saying, "Uh-oh" and go in there to find him unrolling toilet paper or something. Every time he says it I wonder what he's planning in his mind.
  • Another one of his favorite words is, "Whoa!" He actually uses it at the right times too. The funniest is when he is a backseat driver. If you make a sharp turn, sudden stop, hit a bump, or anything that jostles his carseat he lets out a big, "WHOA!" It's funny. It's really funny when we are in someone elses car and he says it. My dad was driving one day and Boonie gave him a whoa - My dad was more cautious after that. :)
  • He knows all the parts of his face and some body parts.
  • He is my little helper and likes to help me do things like unload the laundry, unload the dishwasher. He also helps pick up anything I drop. Sometimes he likes to make messes so he can help me clean up.
  • He LOVES his daddy. Whenever I go to the front door that daddy comes through when he gets home, Boonie just says, "Dada, dada, dada!!" over and over again. They are buddies and it's so sweet. They get into massive wrestling matches at night sometimes and Boonie just eats up the attention.
  • His forehead is usually decorated with pretty little bruises and bumps to match his adventurous personality. As you will notice in these pictures he has a scratch on his lip and a couple bruises on his head to prove my point.
  • He is a HOT fanatic. Anytime there is anything hot around (steam) or if he sees the oven door open he FREAKS out saying "Hot!! HOT!!! HHHOOT!!" Actually it sounds more like "Haaa." I'm actually glad because it makes him so cautious! His sign for hot (not the real sign) is holding his hand out like a stop sign.
  • He loves to read books and brings us books to read to him all day long. Isn't that every former teachers dream!?
  • At 15 months he weighed 23.5 pounds and was 32 inches tall.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Encanto Park

We went to Encanto Park last Tuesday because it was Mason's last day of Christmas break. We had never been to Enchanted Island before and thought we'd check it out. It was a beautiful warm day and it felt so good to get out and do something together. Boonie had a blast. He was able to ride a few things all by himself. It's so fun having a kid because you get to be a kid all over again.

His favorite was the carousel. Right after we got off he ran right back to the entrance to go back on again. It really was funny because each time he went around on any ride that we went on he'd try and find either Mason or I standing there and he would wave or smile. It was so cute.

He got to ride the spaceship ride all by himself. We were so worried he was going to fall out. Once the rid started though, he stopped moving.

He spotted Daddy!

He has learned how to fold his arms to say a prayer. The first time he did it was Christmas Eve. We were all sitting down to dinner and we looked over and he was folding his arms. We couldn't believe it because we've never even tried to teach him! It was so cute. Now he loves to 'pray' and you will often find him sitting with his arms crossed expecting you to pray. Apparently he thought we needed to say a prayer before the train ride. We always say a quick little prayer when he does this (it actually kinda makes you stop and think that we should always be thanking Heavenly Father for whatever we are doing or always having a prayer in your heart) and then say amen. Sometimes when we say "Amen" he cheers. I love this little kid. He makes me a better person.

Oh yeah... and he was 'that gross kid' with crusties all over his face. I remember when I didn't have kids I always said, "I will NEVER be one of those mothers whose kids have dried up food and snot all over their faces. It can't be THAT hard to keep them clean!" Little did I know. It's like I have a blind eye to it now a days. I do try though!

What a great way to end Christmas Break!

Friday, January 6, 2012

New Years

For New Year's we went to Kyle and Stacey's for the Board Game Olympics! We each chose a country to represent. Kyle was Mexico, Stacey was Canada (I think), I was Thailand, and Mason was the US/France because he couldn't decide. As you can see below it was pretty intense. The awards for each game were 1st: Gold, 2nd: Silver, 3rd: Bronze, and 4th: Blue Ribbon. We each got to choose a game that was to be played and then after all the games were played we totaled the scores and the winners were revealed. Kyle won 1st. Stacey was 2nd. I won 3rd and Mason, alas, was in 4th.

It was fun! We played Settlers of Catan, A Race Car Game, Poker, and Egyptian Rat Screw. I won at Poker and it was my first time playing! Kyle couldn't read my Poker face when it came down to it.

At midnight we got the babies up and did sparklers. Poor little Boone was so out of it. Here is the zombie baby watching a sparkler.

After the sparkler went out he grabbed the hot stick. I wasn't quick enough to stop him. Luckily it was just a little burn. But that was the final straw for Boone's celebrating. He quickly went back to bed with out his sparkling apple cider and left Darci wondering what his problem was. Party pooper. Sorry Boonie, I guess we should have just let you sleep. I promise every New Year's won't be that awful.

2012 is going to be a great year! I can feel it! I was telling Mason that 2011 was a good year. It was good, but not great. 2010 was a great year because we moved to AZ, Mason started his Master's Program and got a job, and we had baby Boonie. Not much happened in 2011 (not that I am complaining AT ALL), but I feel like 2012 is going to be another great year in the Lefler history. Here's to another GREAT year!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Grandma's Visit After Christmas

The day after Christmas we went to visit my Grandma. She just moved from her assisted living place into a group home. She has been having a hard time lately with her health, but atleast she is on the up side of things now. She's been having a hard time adjusting to her new place. She was use to being mostly independent, but now she's totally dependent for all her needs. It's been hard watching her have such a hard time. It's also been hard watching how hard it is on my mom. I was glad that we were all able to visit for Christmas.

This was actually the best she has looked in a long time.

Darci wasn't in a good mood that day... this picture was too funny not to post.

Grandma and her great-grandbabies.

Grandma, you are so loved.