Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Activities and.... THE ELF.

Zoo Lights at the Phoenix Zoo!  Mason helped someone push their car off the freeway that had broken down and they gave him a free ticket to zoo lights as a thank you.  The highlight for me was watching Boone chase around the disco lights on the ground in circles.  Who knows how long he would have kept going had we not stopped him.

His new 'smile for the camera face'.
Here we are making cookies for the neighbors.  I've always wanted to decorate sugar cookies with my kids.  Yes he's little, but he loved it.  We had to wash his hands about 30 times because they kept accidently (seriously, it was an accident because he would say uh oh and look so guilty after each lick) licking his fingers.  He had pretty good self control for a 2 year old. 

Now... THE ELF.  We had an elf on the shelf come and stay at our house this year being Boonie is old enough to grasp right and wrong.  Although our elf didn't really monitor Boone's behavior, he just gave Boonie some entertainment each morning.  At first Boone wasn't quite sure about that elf.  He was always into his toys and doing weird things.  But after about 5 days he really warmed up to him and started looking forward to finding him every morning.  I would hear him talking about the elf in his room before I even got him up.  Here are some of the crazy things our elf did this year...


He was sad to see the elf go when Christmas came and went.  Hopefully you come back and see us next year Buddy!!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Came Early This Year

We decided to celebrate Christmas early being we were going up to Utah for the actual holiday.  We actually had it on the 16th.  REALLY early - I know.  I don't think we will ever do this again because Christmas seemed to drag on and on... Scrooge!!  I know... but I felt like it was over and still had 10 days to celebrate it.  But it going up to Utah with the snow made it new again.  So here we are on 'Christmas' morning.
Boone with his stocking and the Elf - more on him later.
Santa brought him his blocks!!  This is how he takes pictures if you ask him to show you whatever he is holding.
He also got a T-ball stand that actually works!  He had to go and try it out immediately.
Santa brought Marae a baby Stella doll.  I think they look alike.

I don't think Christmas is ever a success unless your house looks like this after.

Merry (first of 3) Christmas everyone!!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Boone lately...

Boone is just hilarious now a days and I thought I'd just write a few things he's been doing:

  • In the picture above he was actually stuck.  He was trying to pick up his sock and push himself back up but he couldn't because everytime he'd try his milk would leak a little bit.  He was asking for help but instead I went and grabbed the camera.
  • He opens doors and holds them for me.  That's what you get for having a husband who does a good example of that.  The first time he did it I melted over how sweet it was.
  • He sings in church - which can be very loud and distracting.  We end up laughing the whole song, but can't let him see.  Sometimes we have to tell him to tone it down a bit.  He's a natural.
  • The other day in the backyard he was very concerned because he found the moon laying on our porch.  It was actually a gross old fingernail clipping but he thought it was the moon and carried it around in his wagon until I finally told him to throw it up in the sky.  Cute little boy.
  • He is exercising his agency now and has to have things his way sometimes.  There is an order as to how he wakes up in the morning.  Don't you dare turn on the light in the room before turning off his sheep clock and nightlight or there will be a price to pay.
  • He loves baby Jesus and his prayers that he says all by himself often only have to do with baby Jesus.  Also, when we get in the car to go somewhere he often thinks we are going to see baby Jesus being there were so many nativities with Christmas.
  • Anytime something is lost and I ask him where it is he always laughs and says, "Hiding.  Hide and seek."
  • He knows how to ride his bike now and is quite proud when he gets the chance.
  • Any time you ask him if he is done eating he will ALWAYS say no.  If you ask him what else he wants he will say, "Apple juice."  When he knows he's not going to get it he always tries and asks anyway but says it in a whisper and very ennunciated "Ap-pull-juice"
  • There are two things that he says that we quote all the time.  One is "Sorry Mommy/Daddy/Rae" but it sounds like saw-ee Mommy and it's so cute.  The other is when I am driving him somewhere in the car and he's bored he will just say my name in a monotone voice.  Mommy.  Maw-mee.  It's all nasally and annoying (like a nerd pushing up his glasses) but it cracks Mason and I up.  Maw-mee.  Mason does a great impression of it.
  • There are just so many funny things he does right now that I want to remember them all... I love my little boy.  He is still my buddy and I dread/welcome the day when he doesn't want me involved in every single second of his day.

These pictures below are from Darci's two year pictures.  We took these the same night as the gingerbread building contest at Kyle and Stacey's.

My favorites of Darci:

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Cards

We took our Christmas card pictures back at the beginning of November.  They came out so cute.  I had something a little different in mind, but I just love how they came out.  My babies sure are cute.

I just love Marae's face in this one.  She couldn't look any sweeter.  Actually I love everything about this picture - including her fuzzy little boots.
 The rest of these are out takes that were just too cute not to show.

He'll do anything if you promise a sucker afterwards.
My goal thought for this last one was to have Marae asleep on top of Boonie and him hog-tied with a caption that said, "Let there be peace on Earth" but Marae just looks like a gremlin instead.
Merry Christmas!!
From, The Lefler's!!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Gingerbread Houses and Santa!

This time of year is always so much fun with all the things going on.  We've had a busy month thus far and the activities just keep coming.  

We started off the month with the annual Gingerbread Building Contest that Kyle and Stacey hosted.  Pride comes before the fall and we came in a meager 2nd place this year.  That's okay... our nativity rocked with it's fruit roll up outfits and all.  There were 4 couples total but one of the houses crashed about 5 minutes before it ended.  So here are the 3 remaining entries.

The First Christmas
This one was titled: Gingerbread Building Contest and it won first place.  Such a cute idea!  Notice they made OUR nativity on the left.  Haha!
Rockafellar Christmas (Kyle and Stacey's)
The children did great and were only a slight interference.  Marae slept the whole time and its a good thing too because she probably would have been ignored. 

Last Wednesday we went on a little Christmas date.  We started off by seeing Santa at Bass Pro Shops. They had a whole little workshop set up with lots of things for the kids to do.  Boone had a great time throwing snowballs and riding the carousel.  Marae fell asleep but atleast she still got to meet Santa.

We wondered how Boone would react to Santa being he's not too comfortable with strangers.  We tried to prep him and asked him what he was going to ask Santa for.  He said he wanted a blue treat and blocks.  When we were next in line he looked at Santa nervously and we honestly thought it was going to be another crying picture this year.  When we were up Santa beckoned Boonie and Boone went over.  Santa asked him is name and he told him!  Then Santa lifted him onto his lap.  He asked him what he wanted and I'm not sure if he answered or not, but atleast he wasn't crying!!  We then handed him Marae and the elves got ready to take a picture.  They were ringing bells and yelling trying to get him to smile and his face kept getting more and more serious.  I said, "If you don't take the picture soon he's going to burst into tears!"  They took it and Boonie survived.  He got a candy cane and walked off happy as could be.

I wanted one of just Santa and Marae for her first Christmas.  I was hoping he would do something cute with her being she was asleep, but the picture still turned out cute.  He was a sweet Santa.

After that we drove over to the temple to walk around and look at the temple lights.  Boonie loves finding all the houses with lights and he certainly loved the massive amounts of lights at the temple.

Having a child at Christmas is so much fun.  He gets so excited about everything and I love that he knows who Santa and the reindeer are.