Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Nutcracker week!

Last week we spent the whole week in Casa Grande, away from Mason, for the Nutcracker. I decided back in August that I wanted to be on the opposite side of the scenes than normal (being I've been in the Nutcracker probably 15 times) and choreograph one of the numbers. I wanted to do more, but even one was a huge time commitment driving down every weekend starting in October to do a dance. If I lived closer I would have volunteered to do more.

I had so much fun choreographing the Gigone dance. I had wanted my mom to be the mother gigone, but she refused. So... I did it. The kids I worked with were so stinkin' cute and if I can brag here a little... I must say that dance was the cutest gigone dance ever! I loved it!

The story of the dance was when they all popped out from under my skirt they each had a partner to dance with except the little boy. He got frustrated, but danced anyway. At the end of the dance as all the children are going back under the skirt the little boy runs to the side and refuses to go back under. The mother beckons him, but he still refuses. So the mother walks away and at the last second the other Gigones poke their heads out and call the little boy and he runs back under the dress. The audience loved it! It doesn't help that little Connor was just adorable!

So we spent the whole week down there in Casa Grande. We had dress rehersals Monday and Tuesday and then the show was on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I took the pictures on Tuesday night and had a huge order that I just sent off yesterday! It's been a crazy, busy, fun time!

Can I just mention that being on vacation with a 14 month old is hard? Utah was hard. Casa Grande was hard. Naps get off... babies get cranky.... houses aren't baby proof. I feel like all I'm doing the whole time is telling him no and don't touch! Poor little guy. But we did have a lot of fun down there spending time with my mom. We even got to pick out the Christmas tree!

We bought this little monster hat for Boonie. I think it fits his personality perfectly!

Stacey and Darci came down Wednesday and stayed the rest of the week to help with ticket sales. It was fun being roommates with Stacey. I felt like I was in college again staying up talking late!

I forgot how much time the Nutcracker took up as a kid. My dad asked me if I would like to direct the Nutcracker next year (by the way... I KNOW it would be amazing) and I told him that if I didn't have a new baby I would. So we'll leave it up to fate.

I totally want a baby more than to direct this thing!

Now it's almost Christmas! Time to get ready!


Pink Cake Plate said...

Allison that would have been awesome to see!!! You look like you had sooooooooo much fun!!!!

Ken & Kristina said...

You look great as a blonde Rapunzel! Love it!! Looks like you had a lot of fun.

Stacey L said...

It was so fun being roommates! It brought back good memories. And you would make a great Nutcracker director!

Nicole said...

How wonderful if you are able to direct the Nutcracker. (Or be a mommy again, both would be great!)