Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Gingerbread Making Contest 2011

We got to participate in the gingerbread house building party that Kyle and Stacey threw again this year! We've been able to participate in a house-building contest ever since we met (that's what we did with Mason's family on our 2nd date) and we just keep getting better and better each year. How's that for boasting? Ha! We had a ton of fun creating our masterpiece. Mason and I make a great team. He constructed the pyramids and the sphinx and I decorated and made it cute! We titled our entry: "We Three Kings."

The official rules were:

  1. Teams will have two hours to complete their entries.
  2. All teams must have access to the same supplies... no hoarding!
  3. Entries must be completely edible.
  4. Entries will be judged by a third party based on the following criteria: Theme, execution, creative use of supplies.
Here is our masterpiece! My favorite thing about ours is the camels and the crushed graham cracker sand.

Kyle and Stacey's entry: "Christmas in London". How cool is the London Bridge?!

Friends in their ward's entry: "The Polar Express"

Another friend: "A Country Christmas"

I love this tradition! It's so much fun!

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