Saturday, November 19, 2011

Darci's 1 Year Old Birthday

I stole this post from Stacey. She said it so well and had the pictures already up. Thank you Stacey:

On Saturday, Darci got to celebrate her birthday all over again! Kyle's family came over pizza and a party.
Darci enjoyed opening more presents. She's getting better... by Christmas she'll have it down! And thank you, everyone, for the gifts!

After presents, Grandma took Boone and Darci for a ride!

Cousins at the park. Guess which one loves the slide?

Grandma Leybas and Darci!

Our little family. Could have been a good picture, Kyle...

Aunt Allison and Darci!

After the park we headed back in for cupcakes and ice cream. Here is Darci playing with fire. Boone is jealous.

Two cupcakes in four days? It's a good week.

Boone let us know when it was time to go. Happy birthday again, Miss Darci!

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