Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Cut!

We did it. We finally cut Boone's hair. After much deliberation and contemplation we decided that the occasional rats nest that developed on the back of his head, the bouncing golden curls, and the strings in his eyes were just too much.

People kept telling me not to cut his hair because once you cut off the baby curls they never grow back. And I am SO in love with those curls. I cried. A lot. I also saved some of the curls for his baby book.

Here is Samson before he lost his 'cuteness' strength:

Yes Mason and I braved it, and I think we did a pretty good job!!

I didn't take any right after and I wish I would have. We did it two weeks ago (and I took these pictures today) and it has already gotten a bit longer. When we first cut it we both decided that his cuteness factor had gone down...

But it's already starting to curl again and I couldn't be happier about that! Mason has curly hair, so we are hoping Boonie gets lucky (and I think he will)! So no worries, he's cute again. :)

Now he REALLY looks like a little boy. The only thing baby about him are his two bottom teeth. Once those other teeth grow in he won't look like a baby at all anymore. :( Do I dare mention that there are two new teeth poking through that I just discovered this morning??


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Molly said...

His cuteness factor never went down! I noticed his hair at church today & thought it was adorable!