Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Stones and some pictures

These past two weeks have been a little rough because Mason has been passing kidney stones. It started a week and a half ago on the 13th. Mason was up all night passing one and stayed home from school the next day. That night wasn't too bad (according to me - that is). Then last Thursday night Mason started passing another and he was hoping that he would be able to get through the pain like had the week before. Wrong. The pain started around 5:00 and just progressively got worse and worse. I felt so bad and there was nothing I could do. He couldn't keep his pain medications down... it was rough, really rough. Around 8:30 some friends from the ward came over to give him a blessing and my good friend Bri stayed with Boonie while I took Mason to the hospital. We were worried that something was wrong and that maybe the kidney stone was stuck. The pain was starting to move up his side where as before it had just been in the one spot.

So we get to the hospital and they give Mason two doses of morphine and he's STILL doubled over in pain. It wasn't until they gave him some type of medication that widened his veins that he finally felt better. Come to find out, the stone was stuck in the vein (or whatever it's called) trying to enter the bladder. Rough. They did an ultrasound and also found that there are like 7 more stones in his kidney. YIKES!! The one that he was passing that night was a 3mm sized stone. They saw one in there that was measuring 8mm!! So his doctor has scheduled an appointment to have them blasted on Friday. I just pray that the 8mm stone doesn't start to descend before Friday. I could barely handle the 3mm stone - let alone Mason. Poor guy.

He has taken the week off from school because he is feeling the pre-pains of the stones like he has every other time. He usually feels the pre-pains a day or two before they really hit hard. Friday can't come fast enough. He took the week off because you never know when the major pain will come and he doesn't want to be at work when it does hit (it's about an hour drive home), plus you can't drive when you are on Percoset.

So it's been nice having him home, even though he's doped up on pain meds a lot of the time. But seriously, Friday can't come soon enough! I'm so worried about that 8mm stone!!

Sorry about the novel. As a reward, here are some random pictures of Boonie... I know... just what you always wanted. :)

Boonie giving Great-Grandma the longest hug of his life:

I love these baby blues:

Splash pad fun with Tenley:

Bed head:


xantogal said...

Oh man. I'm so sorry :( Good luck to you and Mason - I'll pray that Friday comes quickly!!

Katie Goudie said...

Kidney Stones are the worst thing ever. Seriously. Hopefully it holds out until the procedure on Friday.

Good luck! You both are in my thoughts. :)