Saturday, October 8, 2011

Recent Going Ons

Here are some fun random pictures of Boonie and some things he has been doing lately:
  • He is officially walking as of last Sunday.
  • He is teething MAJORLY - like getting 5 in at once. That poor little swollen mouth. We've had some restless nights and fussy days, but that's okay. I just wish they'd get here and stop hurting the poor little guy.
  • He now signs 'hot' and anytime you say the word 'hot' he cries in fear or say, "Hhhh."
  • He loves his stuffed animals.
  • He knows the word kiss and gives slobbery ones freely.
  • He's still kind of a picky eater.
  • He says, "What's that," probably 150 times a day. Although it sounds more like, "W-sat"
Here is a picture from when he had the roseola rash. It's hard to see. Clearly he's just miserable in this picture below (not).

He was in heaven when Mason covered him with these animals. He just laid there really still grinning from ear to ear. He's such a silly little boy.

The outlet plug covers on the island in our kitchen are not so baby proof. Boonie can pull them out and likes to play with them. Well he stuck one of them in his mouth with the prongs facing in and started walking around. He fell flat on his face and scratched his poor little teething mouth. Ouch. There was a lot of blood, tears, and a fat lip. It was the first time my little guy has 'really' gotten hurt. It made his mommy cry too. I don't think I'm going to be able to handle any broken bones. I pray for safe kids!! But if they are anything like their father, I'm doomed.

He looks so cute with his little inside out vampire fangs or snake bite.

One of his favorite hangouts (check out my book pumpkins that I made. Aren't they SO cute!?):

Some messy pictures:


xantogal said...

These pictures just make me smile :D
Word of the day: hipme - There are so many different meanings, I don't know which one to pick!

Ken & Kristina said...

Very, very cute! The prong "fangs" look so sad! And he reminds me of E.T. hidden inside all of those animals!! I my need a tutorial on the book pumpkins. They are super cute!!

Lissa said...

So cute! I LOVE his curly hair! i'm insanely jealous of it. And I do love your pumpkin books. You'll have to show me how you made them!

About us Everts... said...

What a fun little party! I love your cake! Do tell how you made those pumpkins!! He is so cute and I can't believe he's 1! Yay for Boonie!!

Kara Miller said...

I remember how his mommy reacted to a broken bone & the urgent care!