Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Mom's Surprise Party!

This lovely lady turned 60!! I decided that I wanted to throw her a surprise birthday party. I feel like she's always been the one who has done things to make each of us kids feel special. My dad has always been recognized for his plays and things, so I decided that this was going to be her special event! I had so much fun planning and it all turned out wonderfully.

While planning I decided I wanted some old pictures of her. Here are some. I just love these old photos SO much.

Back when she use to do search and rescue:

I had all her friends, (very old, old, and new) send in a memory and a photo with her or of themselves and created a memory book on shutterfly. It turned out beautifully and I just loved hearing all these stories about my mom from people who love her. She really is so loved.

I really enjoyed all the planning! It was so funny the day of with everyone arriving before hand waiting for her. My dad had the worst job, because he was the one that had to lie and get her to the church where we were all waiting. I had been there in Casa Grande that morning and claimed that I was doing a photo shoot. My mom was suppose to meet me at Mimi's Cafe at 12:15. My dad told her that he wanted her to stop by the church and check out a display in the relief society room (where we were all waiting) before lunch. Oh course she didn't want to do that before... but he did it! He got her there and she was surprised! Ryan and Stacey even flew in for the event!

We laugh because that morning my dad had snuck the iron over to the church so we could iron the table clothes. Well around 11:30 my mom noticed the iron was missing and asked my dad, "Did you put the iron away?" He said, "Yes." Then she said, "Where did you put it?" He said, "In the closet............" She said, "Well then where is it!?" He said he just stood there with his mouth open having no clue what to say and for some strange reason she got distracted and starting doing something else. He was sweating bullets the whole time! I'm so glad I wasn't in his shoes.

I didn't get many pictures at the party because I was enjoying the event. I especially didn't get many of her being surprised... but she was... and of course she cried. That's what mom's do. :)

My mom and her mom... Sweet tears.

The YUMMY food catered by Big House Cafe. Delicious!

My mom's favorite cousin Bernita and her husband Ray and my Grandma's sister came too! This was Bernita's first big outing since she has been undergoing cancer treatments since February! I was so honored to have her there!

The after party:

Boone's way of helping clean:

My dad's dad (my Grandpa) has been staying in a hospice the past 2 weeks after suffering from a couple of falls recovering. Well he just happens to be in Casa Grande in a hospice. We haven't seen him for a year, so we took the chance to visit being we probably aren't going to have many more chances, plus he lives 2 hours away. He actually looked better than I've seen him look in a long time. We only stayed for about 30 minutes because he got tired, but it was still good to see him and for him to see his great-grandbabies.

Here is Boone and Darci's Granpa with a really cool toy.

After that we went over to a park, as another part of my mom's present, and took family pictures. In the first picture below Boonie was throwing a MAJOR fit. Not just a fussy fit, a ROYAL fit and we couldn't figure out why. I was busy setting up the tripod so Mason and everyone else was trying to help him. He was given food, diaper changed, diaper cream put on, water, toys... all kinds of things... but nothing worked. And he's not like that... he just doesn't cry for no reason. We just decided that this family picture would have a baby screaming in it. Well after this one my mom wanted more and I HAD to figure out what was wrong with my baby. It kinda sounded like he was in pain or something... so I decided i was going to strip him down to see if maybe there was an ant biting him or something. So I started with his shoes. I took them off and his socks and immediately he started to calm down. I looked at his toes and the right foot was all red. He had had his shoes on with his toes curled under for an hour and he was sick of it! Sorry Boonie. So he went shoeless and was happy for the rest of the afternoon. Poor little babies that don't know how to talk.

Okay so this next set of pictures is SO typical for my parents... They have NEVER been the romantic type and we always joke that we've only seen them kiss twice in our lives. So true. Anway... so we asked them to pose nicely together and this is what we got.

Oh... finally...

But then my brothers started chanting, "Kiss!! Kiss!! Kiss!!!" You can imagine how much of a scene that was. But they finally did... so now you are also witnessing the 3rd kiss I've ever seen my parents give.

Ryan felt jealous of the Grandbaby posing.

So did Eric, I guess.

These next two are my favorites.

I lost my other earring during the Boone madness of the first family pose. Well I didn't lose it, I just let him hold it and it ended up in Mason's pocket. Oops!

It was a perfect day! We all had such a good time together. I love it when everything works out perfectly with my family - which doesn't always happen. :)

Happy 60th birthday mommy!!


About us Everts... said...

What a sweet daughter you are!!! I'm hoping to plan a surprise party for my dad when he turns 60. He's never had an actual birthday party his entire life. I can't wait.

Emily said...

How cool! I wish I could've been there, but I had so many things going on that day. I love the family pictures. What an awesome day for your family!

Ken & Kristina said...

What a fun thing to do!! I've never thought about throwing a surprise party for my mom. I should do it!! I love all of the pictures. So fun!!

xantogal said...

You are beautiful! Your families are beautiful! I feel happy when I am around you, or read things about you :) I'm so glad your mom's party was a success!! Love!!

xantogal said...

Word of the day: quarta.
It's almost a quarta past two in the morning and I need to go to bed :)
Just had to throw that out there. Heehee