Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Birthday Boy

Yup... it inevitably happened. My baby turned 1 year old.
Here are his stats:

Weight: 19.14 oz - 15th percentile
Length: 31 1/4 inches - 95th percentile

I have a very tall and skinny little boy. His birthday fell on a Thursday and being everyone was busy that day we planned his party for Saturday the 24th. That ended up being a very good thing because my poor little birthday boy ended up sick on his birthday. He woke up that morning at 7:00 am just crying. He usually sleeps until 8:30 or so, so I was confused as to why he was up so early. So being the awesome mom I am I grabbed the video camera and ran into his room singing happy birthday while blinding him with the light. Well the poor little boy had scratched his mouth on something and there was blood everywhere. Oops... that's where I turned off the camera. He wouldn't go back to sleep so we started our day off early. My mom and I had already planned to meet at a park in Chandler to feed ducks and take his 1 year old pictures. I thought he felt a little warm... but nothing too much.

So we get to the park and start our adventure with Grandma.

Boonie loves birds and is always pointing them out whenever he sees them. So I thought that he would love nothing more than to sit in a pile of them. He didn't seem to mind... at first.

But then we looked closely and his little hands were shaking!! Poor thing. I guess birds in massive quantities are scary... and I'm not even close to being their size!!

So mommy came in to save the day. This is when I noticed how warm he was feeling and we weren't getting any smiles, which that's usually all he is. Poor baby.

Needless to say, I didn't get any pictures of that darling smile. He had a temperature of 102.5 and then when we went to the doctor he told us that Boonie was cutting 4 teeth. No wonder my baby has been so fussy this week. I was still able to get a few cute ones. We didn't stay long because I knew he didn't feel good.

He wouldn't even smile at the ducks... that's how you know Boonie Lefler wasn't feeling good.

"Mommy... I don't feel good."

So it's a good thing we didn't do much to celebrate his birthday. He was sick all day Thursday and Friday. He still wasn't feeling in top shape on Saturday for his party, but atleast he felt better. Then the rash showed up on Sunday... yup... he had Roseola. Joy. Atleast that's over with. The doctor told us that every toddler gets it sometime between 9 months and 16 months. Boonie was just lucky enough to get it on his birthday.

Stay tuned for the birthday post!

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xantogal said...

I recognize all those birds!!
Word of the day: spershed
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