Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Goodbye My Old Friend!

I sold my old friend this past weekend - my Pontiac Sunfire that I'd had since May of 2001. It was my graduation present from my parents/grandma (SO BLESSED - I know). It was sad watching it drive away for the last time with all those memories in it. I have always been a very nostalgic person, so this blog is a tribute to my old friend of 10+ years.

Here I am sitting in it the first day I got in back in 2001. Don't you just love the short, shorts? I was a rebel. :)

My parents and Grandma had taken me out to dinner and as we were walking out of the restaurant I saw this. I said in my typical bitter, sarcastic teenage voice, "Man, wish I was getting a car. Someone is SO lucky." Then I noticed the 'Allison' below the CONGRATULATIONS sign and immediately lost the attitude. I loved it!

Here I am on the way to graduation:

So it went with me for my two years at NAU. Drove me up to Utah and all through my college years. Drove me out to Washington D.C. and back 2 months later after I realized that wasn't where I was suppose to be. Got me through the treacherous snowfalls and ice of Highland, UT (barely - only spinning out every. single. day. because it's front wheel drive and drove like an ice skate on all those hills). Impressed my first graders because they thought it was a race car due to the spoiler. Saw me through the first years of my marriage and finally toted around my first little bundle of joy. And that's where our journey ended because I realized that it's just TOO HARD climbing in the backseat of a two door car to get your little one in and out of a car seat.

So this past weekend I watched my Pontiac Sunfire drive away sold to a cute, chubby, little hispanic girl who didn't even know how to drive yet. She pulled out her money that was stored in her hello kitty wallet and gave it to me after she had put her new key on her hello kitty key chain. She didn't know how to drive yet, but "She's going to learn tonight," she said. You should have seen the smile on her face when they pulled back in the driveway after the test drive. She's going to be a freshman in college at GCC. So who knows... maybe I'll see my old car around town.

That was such a good car to me with so many memories, but I am happy because I know it's going to a good home and will be filled with many more college memories.

Goodbye my old friend!


xantogal said...

Farewell to the car that started all the memories I have of you :) It was a grand car indeed!! We'll miss you, little buddy!

Ken & Kristina said...

Awwww... there is always something sad about selling a car. What have you replaced it with??

Kara Miller said...

Goodbye lil guy that I sat crunched in the back of with random wedding decorations, got excited to see parked at work, and in front of our house. It's the end of an era! I can't believe you've been climbing behind a seat to put Boone in his car seat this long!

Clayton and Niki said...

Oh, this post just made me so so sad. Remember doing doughnuts in the Kohl's parking lot before it opened up? I bawled like a baby when I had to get rid of my red truck. It will always be my first love. I get attached to stuff like that too. :) Miss you!

....When are we going to meet up?

Emily said...

This made me laugh. I remember sitting at the stop sign in Rancho Grande and this little white car comes up behind me honking. I look in my rear view mirror and see you waving frantically. So I put the car in park and you flew out of your car to show me your new car. I think you had just gotten it the night before. So fun! Glad it's been a good car for you. You never forget your first car!!