Monday, September 19, 2011

The Brush Bar, Scottsdale

Saturday night we went on a double date with Kyle and Stacey to The Brush Bar in Scottsdale. We had SO MUCH FUN!!! I think the boys were a little apprehensive to go (I mean, it was coinciding with a BYU football game) but they even admitted that they had a good time too.

We started off by getting there with our reservations written on the table. Now the only reason this is funny is because my maiden name is 'Leybas' and our whole lives the spelling of that name has been butchered SO many times. We've had Leybag, Lenbus, Lebus (French), etc. When my great grand father came over from Mexico many, many years ago our last name was actually Leyva, but it got misspelled as he crossed and became Leybas. So needless to say, this was a new one. LEYAS!

The bar provided you with everything you needed for the project. The bar was in downtown Scottsdale so we got to walk by all the shops first. It was a 'posh' (as we said all night) little place. While the girl was instructing us they would play music and gave us drinks. The atmosphere of the place was totally relaxed and fun!! We signed up to do Van Gogh's painting of Starry, Starry, Night:

No that's not my painting above... just wait for it! So we all chose our aprons and got our easels. My apron said, "Kiss me I'm Mexican." And you'll see Mason's later.

Kyle and Stacey contemplating how it will go...

It starts:

I was amazed at how artistic and GOOD Mason was! I never would have expected it! Actually... I kinda would have... he's good at everything he ever does or tries... it's slightly nauseating. But I really liked how his turned out.

Kyle and Stacey's finished projects:

Kyle did the Arizona version of Starry, Starry, Night.

Our finished projects:

Here's a closer look at mine and Masons'. I love how his castles turned out. Mine just looks like a handicapped tree.

It was so nice to go on a date other than a movie date - I feel like that's all we ever do when we get a chance to go out. What a great night!


Lissa said...

Wow!! How fun! I would have LOVED to get in on that coupon deal, but I know David would not have accompanied me. Sad. Looks like so much fun! =)

Jennifer Starr said...

How much fun!! Love this!! Let me know if you ever go again, we'll double :)

Nice work by the way, very impressive!!!

xantogal said...

Are you going to be a professional artist now? You guys rock!!