Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Puerto Juarez

First off... let me say how blessed I feel to be able to have gone back to Mason's mission with him and see so many places that were such an important part of his life. I loved every second of it. I loved hearing him speak with the locals and I loved seeing the love that he honestly had for these people. I loved imagining him as a missionary in this hot and humble place. He has such a pure and good heart.

Puerto Juarez (just north of Cancun) was one of the first areas that Mason served his mission in. We took our clothes to a place where he use to take his:

An internet cafe:

Mason wanted us to meet his cook that cooked his meals for him, but she wasn't home each time we stopped by. So we went to the ocean nearby to pass some time. It wasn't a very pretty ocean, but it was the first time we had gone to the ocean the whole trip.

We didn't stay too long and shortly after named the beach 'Dingleberry Bay' as we were swimming along side a sewer pipe coming in from Isla Mujeres. I won't fill you in on any more information as to why it got that name...

Mason's old church building:

Finally as we were driving to pick up our laundry he saw Conchita walking back with groceries in her hand. He rolled down the window and said, "Hey. What are you doing?!" She looked at him like, "Who the heck are you!?" Then you could see the recognition come across her face and she welcomed us in with open arms. Conchita is a fireball of a lady and she had us rolling with laughter even though we couldn't understand a word she was saying! We stayed at her house for a couple of hours. She made us some delicious food and told us many stories about Mason. She sure loves him.

This could be the point where Boonie was starting to fuss because he needed a nap and she told me to feed him. When I didn't immediately obey she said, "What are you waiting for?! Those things aren't for decoration! Put them to use!" There is no shame in Mexico when it comes to nursing (the missionaries call it the one-eyed monster - beware!), but I wasn't about to with my father-in-law sitting there... so I removed myself before Conchita put them to use for me.

It really was so sweet to see how much she loved Mason and vice versa. She was his mom away from home during that hard time it was adjusting to a new country. It brought tears to my eyes knowing that this woman loves these boys (she still cooks for the missionaries) and cares for them so much. What a good woman. I could feel her love for me and I had only just met her and said a few broken things to her in Spanish. But I am so thankful for what she does. There are such good people on this earth.

My missionary with his baby:


Lissa said...

lol "Put them to use" That's hilarious! =)

Emily said...

Loved seeing your pictures. We went to Isla de Mujeres when we went to Cancun, and it was so dirty and nasty we wouldnt even get in the water. It was the dirtiest beach I've ever seen. Was cool to see the pictures there. And by the way, we went in Febuary and it was still hot and humid. LOL! What fun memories!!