Monday, August 8, 2011

The last day...

Sunday we went to church at one of Mason's old wards, but the ward had been split so many times (that's a good thing!!) that there were only a couple of people that he recognized and knew. But it was still neat to see where he went to church.

The rest of the day we just spent at our hotel, the Mayan Palace.

They had an island in the middle of the pool that was the perfect height for Boonie to do his army crawl. He LOVED it!

The little Merboy.

And that's it! What an AWESOME vacation we had!!

Que hermoso!!!


Ken & Kristina said...

I love seeing your vacation. I'm a little jealous. It looks like it was fun. Boone is just getting more and more handsome each day!!

About us Everts... said...

I love all the posts about your trip! It looks like you had SO much fun!! I can't wait to visit England and see where Fred served. He has a woman from his mission like the lady from Masons. We still call her every year and send her a Christmas card. I can't wait to meet her in person. That's awesome you got to go and Boonie was so good!