Monday, August 8, 2011

Isla Mujeres

Saturday we went to Isla Mujeres. The boat ride over there was fun because it had seats on top and a live musician playing.

Being it was our day to go snorkeling we set up our excursion as soon as we got there. Tom and Laura took Boonie for us. Mason had heard about an underwater museum called Musa. Click on the word Musa for more information and videos. It's actually quite amazing and beautiful. In order to really see it you actually have to go Scuba Diving and we didn't have time to do the training so we just went snorkeling above one of the spots. It was eerily stunning. This picture below is the one we were over. But when we were there it was covered by a lot of coral so you couldn't really make out all the faces of the people in the mass. But occasionally there would be a face looking up at you. Kinda creepy but amazing at the same time!

Our boat guide reminded me of Rafeki off of the Lion King. He was this buff and wild old man. He thought my name was Alex. No matter how many times I tried to correct him he would just say, "Oh ok Alex!"

Meanwhile Tom and Laura rented a golf cart and drove around the island for a couple of hours while Boonie took a nap in Laura's arms. I had a major panic attack on the way back from snorkeling as I saw all the cars driving on the road and imagined my baby riding in an open golf cart with no car seat! Luckily I didn't think about that before or else we probably would have turned back. It's amazing how those mommy instincts go on high alert!

The ride back:

That night we had dinner at the pool grill. It was delicious (and beautiful)!

"Why the picture of a sign?" you are thinking... well that's not just ANY sign. That is a sign warning you that a TOPE (toe-peh) is near. They have these signs ALL over Cancun. On Wednesday when we were driving back from Chitzi Nitza we took a back road to avoid the 20 dollar toll and, I'm not kidding you, there were seriously about 500 tope's. Not only would there be a tope but then about 10 yards in the distance there would be a sign warning you of an upcoming tope and then the tope sign itself another 10 yards away. There were some sections on the road where all you could see were tope warning signs and tope signs themselves for miles (not even kidding).

Well as we were driving this back road and making our destination back home longer because of all the tope stops we started to make fun of the tope's and their warning signs. But I'll tell you what... don't disrespect the tope signs or they will get even. Some of the tope's aren't painted so you can't quite see them unless you see the sign. As we were driving about 50 mph in the dark Mason suddenly yells, "TOPE!!!!" and we all go flying up into the air (including the car) hitting our heads on the roof and landing with a thunk. Some tope signs are hidden behind trees. Respect the TOPE.

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xantogal said...

How funny... I don't like those bumps when you don't see them and hit them hard. Hahaha.