Monday, August 8, 2011


Friday we went to Cozumel which has the second largest coral reef in the world. We were excited to go snorkling there. This was also the only place this whole trip Mason hadn't been before.

Here we are on the boat ride over:

Once we got there we had some lunch and found a guide to take us out.

Here we are aboard the little sea boat. This was the guide and notice Boonie beside him. Boonie had fallen asleep (which he had desperately needed - he was going on 4+ hours without a nap) about 2 minutes before we got on the boat. And that was our first mistake...

We thought that perhaps by laying him in his stroller he would fall back asleep. Second mistake.

But look below... he's sitting with Nana... things don't look so bad...

Let's just say the poor baby erupted with inconsolable cries for the next 30 minutes. Mind you our boat is full of about 10 other people wanting to enjoy their experience. Here are Mason and Laura trying to smile.

Yeah... this isn't working. We decided that once everyone else got dropped off that we would go back, get off, and let Boonie take a nap. Honestly I don't know what we were thinking... one of us would have had to have stayed on the boat with him the whole time anyway... not the smartest of ideas.

So after Laura and Tom had a wonderful time snorkling they met up with us back at the dock and Boonie was in a much better mood. Luckily this was his only blow out of the entire trip (except the plane ride home, but that's to be expected right?!)

Heading back:

Beach fun!

The nudie beach:

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