Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Chitzen Itza

Wednesday we went to Chitzen Itza - a MASSIVE ancient Mayan pyramid. It's breath takingly beautiful and surrounded by another whole ruined civilization. We were a little disappointed that they had closed the steps off. When both Mason and I had been there before you were allowed to climb to the top. The Mayan temples were meant to be climbed and many people in the past had made the pilgrimage to the top to see the alter inside and the spectacular view, but I guess it was closed off a couple of years ago in 2006 after an accident, plus the steps were being ruined by so much traffic.

I LOVE Chitzen Itza and can't wait to know what really went on there someday. Luckily when I went with Ryan before we were able to go to the top. It's kinda scary up there. Here I am on the way down. It was really hot that day too... Note to self... don't go in July (somehow I managed to go twice)!!

The observatory.

This was probably the hottest day by far. And I'm talking take your breath away, I can't stand being in my own skin, hot. I thought poor little Boonie was going to explode. We finally just stripped him to his diaper. He didn't want to be in his hot stroller, he didn't want to be held by his sweaty parents... it was a no win situation. After about 2 hours of dying he finally accepted his fate and fell asleep in his stroller. He seemed in chipper spirits here:

I believe this was while we were listening to the LDS tour guide we had hired. I didn't get to hear much though... I was too busy wrestling a sweaty baby.

So after an amazing afternoon (and deathly hot) we stopped by the Cenote Ik-Kil. A Cenote is a sinkhole with rocky edges containing groundwater aka an underground oasis. This is the view from the top. You can see the roots from the trees hanging down to the water. There were tropical fish swimming around and waterfalls falling from the center. It was GORGEOUS. There were tropical birds flying around inside too. Mason has been telling me about this place for years and I'm so glad that I finally was able to see it.

They have a 40 rock wall that you can jump off of. Mason convinced me to do it only once. It amazes me that such beautiful places exist in the world. Who knows what other hidden treasures there are that no one has discovered. I'll bet these cenotes are hidden everywhere!

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