Friday, August 26, 2011

Children's Museum of Phoenix

I have a love/hate relationship with digital cameras right now. I LOVE them because I can take so many pictures of my baby, but hate them because I can take so many pictures of my baby. I think I need to practice self control.

Anywho... Wednesday morning Amanda called us up asking if we had plans (nope!) and invited us to the Chilren's Museum of Phoenix. She had free passes so we went happily long. It was fun! They had things for all ages there, but pretty much every thing they had there was baby friendly. Boonie loved the baby room the most. He got to run free and he loved it!

Here is Boone and Ammon on the ballet bar:

Kade came with us too and being he's three he wanted to go to other rooms. So here is Boonie in the shopping area confined with a carrot. I would have LOVED that room when I was a kid. A full blown grocery store where the kids can shop and be the clerks. I'm excited to bring Boonie back when he's older. It was nice because everything that the babies put in their mouths went into a bucket to be sanitized. We sanitized many, many things - like carrots.

...and stuffed spiders...

He was cracking up as we went through the noodles. He loved them!

I fear he's developing a sense of road rage like his father. It starts young.


Stephanie Saunders said...

That museum is awesome! I will admit I hated the hanging noodle part. Not because it wasn't awesome, but because there was some anal worker standing there yelling "Don't RUN!!" at all the kids. I see their point, but really? You know they're kids, right?

xantogal said...

How fun! It looks similar to the Children's Museum I went to in Seattle... I am looking forward to our next visit together, whether in Utah or Arizona