Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sleep Recently

Sleep recently has been kinda rough for Boonie. He has just figured out how to pull himself up to standing and he thinks he's just the coolest thing ever. But the only problem with that is that he doesn't know how to get down. So I will just hear him in his room howling after a while, walk in and see him standing there with this paniced look on his face. Silly little thing.

And he is also starting to leave his mark on the crib... See those two little chomper marks? We are going to have to do something about that pronto because I want this crib to last through all my babies!

That paniced look:

Then we found him sleeping in this position one night. He looks like a Thanksgiving turkey all ready to be cooked.

I guess my brother Kyle took this picture sometime... He sent it to me. I call it: Satanic Boone.


xantogal said...

How funny. What a character that Boone is :)

Tiffany Duran Garcia said...

Allison, i just love Boone's little panicked face, it's so hilarous. Poor little guy. He is one cute kid.