Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Reunion

The main reason we decided to go up to Utah the week before a major trip leaving us only 10 hours between getting home and our flight leaving (I would not recommend this with a baby) was to be there to celebrate Mason's Grandma's 90th birthday. We usually go to the reunions every year, but being we live in AZ now we were thinking about skipping it. But 90th birthdays only happen once - and I'm so glad we were there!

It started out with the Friday night hot dog roasting and smores.

Then some family history recap and memories. Notice the bread stick that we cooked over the fire. I'd never seen that before, but YUM! All they are is pillsbury rolls wrapped on a stick!

Boonie's first time meeting Buddy - he loved him - clearly.

Grandma and JulieAnn

Everyone camped out that night and the next day there were lots of games. We won the tug o' war again! Then we played "who can get the most balloons in a shirt in 60 seconds." Here was our contestor... my nephew Little Wolfie.

I'd say he won - don't ya think!?

Belly flop to pop those balloons! Too bad he didn't weigh enough. But there was a massive dog pile on top of him afterwards.... no worries.


And here is the birthday girl in all her glory!! I love this lady so much. She is such an inspiration and blessing to my life.

She was given an album with pictures from her childhood and then each family member (mind you there are OVER 180 of them) wrote a little momento and included their picture with it for her to read and know how much she is loved. By the way, my brother in law Bryan who works for Disney drew that picture of her on the front. Isn't he amazing!?

They rented a massive water slide! Usually they just get little ones for the kids, but this year the adults got to join in! It was fun!

Of course I had to take Boonie down. He loved it. I think I have an adrenaline junky on my hands already.

I LOVE his face in the picture below.

Then we all got together for separate family photos. Here is the whole family minus Danielle's family who lives in Paris.

Bryan, Tandi, Monet, Avery, Lilah, and Scotty (Tandi is pregnant - I know... you can't even tell)

Ashlee, Bobby, Gracie, and little Bobby Jr.

Adrian, Emilie, Sydney, Gabe, Zach, and Wolfie (Seth)

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