Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Independence Day

We had a wonderful 4th of July this year! Our day started off with a ward pancake/water party. There were slip and slides, volleyball games, water balloon fights a parade, and other fun things going on. Little Boonie loved his stick with a flag on it! (sticks are his favorite toy)

He was bound and determined to drink the water coming up from the slip and slide.

Here's Boone with little Billy.

And Tenley. If arranged marriages could still be fixed, we'd sign these two up. Although he did pull out her pigtail seconds before this picture was taken, but that's how little boys flirt right!?

The manly volleyball game.

That night we went to a bbq at Kyle and Stacey's house and then to a fireworks show in Buckeye.

We tried to squeeze in an extra nap in hopes that Boonie would make it until the fireworks show, but that didn't happen. But he was able to stay up past his regular bedtime at 8:00.

At first he watched the fireworks, but then about 10 minutes later he was done. I think it was a combination of the lights being turned off, and the fact that it was 9:15, but he was done watching fireworks.

So he watched the rest from his stroller.

Happy first 4th of July little Boonie Lefler. I'll bet you'll be much more interested next year.

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