Monday, July 4, 2011

Camping Day 3

About 2 am I hear Kyle yelling his dog's name, "BEANIE! BEANIE!!!" and we hear all this stamping on the ground outside our tent. Low and behold Beanie had a run in with a skunk. So Kyle, Stacey, my mom, and my dad all de-skunk (or attempt to) at 2 am. I decided to stay warm in my bed and just listen to all the excitement. I thought it was pretty funny and I think they do now... although at the time they didn't. The funniest part was listening to their ideas on what to do. My dad thought they should drive into town and buy some tomato juice to wash the dog with. The skunk was still under the car and my mom was worried that it was hurt so she spent a while trying to get it out - luckily she didn't get sprayed.

Surprisingly it didn't stink as badly as I thought it would. I smelled like old burnt tires. I think the neighbors thought we stunk worse than we did. Or else we were immune to it. Here's the happy couple the following morning:

A really dirty baby:

And that's about it! Until next time!! I just love camping. And now we have all these memories to look back on.

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Britta Mosman said...

Oh so fun!! We have always wanted to go camping up there! It is so pretty. Looks like you guys had a great time!