Friday, July 1, 2011

Camping Day 2

So, why take pictures when you are on vacations (or anytime in your life for that matter) if you aren't going to do anything with them?? Okay, there is my disclaimer for this post that has about a thousand pictures posted. I print my blog off every two years and use that as our family photo album/scrap book. So I apologize in advance.

Day 2 of our camping trip started off with an early morning run through our neighbor's campsites chasing Kyle's husky that had gotten lose and does not listen when it's called. We honestly have never seen Kyle run so fast and we all get a kick out of remembering him running through the trees like Pocahontas. Finally after ALL of us had her surrounded Ryan was able to grab her tail. How about that for some morning exercise. I'm sure the guys who were laying under the stars that night (morning) didn't mind me running by yelling, "KYLE!! I HAVE A HOT DOG!!!"

So after our exercise we decided to go to Slide Rock. Slide Rock is exactly what is sounds like. A nature made water slide. It was so much fun! Let the picture begin!!

Ryan, Mason, and I were the first ones to brave the cold water. But it really was nice being it was so hot out. I love the foam (who knows) coming out of Mason's mouth below. So intense.

Yes I look this good camping. Ha!

Too cold for the Darci bug.

Random Wolf Man.

Here come Kyle and Stacey!

Mason's graceful landing after he slipped and fell. Those rocks were slippery!

Boonie's own version of slide rock:

My mom's grandfather lived in Oak Creek Canyon so she spent a lot of time there when she was young. She was excited to be back in her old stomping grounds. Of course she HAD to go down slide rock for old time sake! I posted her whole ride because I love her face in ALL of them!

Then we all went down together.

I think one of the main reason's Ryan flew down was because this was his last family fling before he GETS MARRIED!!! Yes you read that right. He has announced it in his own weird way, but he's getting married August 6th. We are beyond excited.

Mason, Kyle, and I getting ready to jump off the cliff.

Notice anything missing?? Mason lost his glasses. Some fish is seeing much better these days.

Go Kyle!

No dogs allowed down at Slide Rock. Dang it.

Then it was back to the camp for a quick bath. My chunky monkey barely fit in the tub.

And an awesome game of Cuube.

What a good day!

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Ken & Kristina said...

I love all of the pictures!! Your mom cracks me up and Random Wolf Man made me laugh out loud! So Gross!! As much as I miss you here, I am so glad you're close enough to all of your family now to be able to do all of this fun stuff. What a blessing!! I want to go to Slide Rock myself. It looks great!