Thursday, June 30, 2011

Leybas Camping Trip Day 1

I LOVE camping and have been itching to go for quite some time now. I thought it would be fun to take my whole family (yes Ryan even flew down) being we use to go as kids. I had planned out a beautiful area that is one of my favorite spots up in the white mountains, but after all these forest fires that have been going on I had to find something else. So my mom and I called around to different campsites and found one that still allowed fires (because honestly, what is camping without fires!?) up in Oak Creek.

So Thursday morning we loaded up our cars and drove up there. It's just past Sedona and a beautiful drive. Once we got to the Cave Springs camp ground we were a little disappointed because it wasn't the camping any of us had imagined. The spots were all on top of each other and there was no privacy. Oh well. We made it work though. But we were MAJORLY disappointed because as we got there they said, "NO FIRES." Umm... boo. That's the whole reason we went there. Plus how are we suppose to cook our tin foil dinners and dutch oven dinner? Meh.

But that's okay. We made do again. We bought a camping stove and just cooked the above mentioned dinners on that. They still turned out yummy as most camping food does. Get ready for a ton of pictures!!

For some reason blogger isn't allowing me to write in between each picture... so I guess this will just have to do. First we set up camp and then we went down to the Oak Creek to play in the water. Boonie LOVES water. I didn't think he would like the freezing water but once he saw the river he cried until we put him in it. Silly little boy. Don't you just love his speedo? Actually that's just a reusable swimming diaper... but don't you love it anyway?

That's about all we did on day 1. Day 2 and 3 were pretty exciting as well. Stay tuned!

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Holly and Daric said...

I love that canyon, so pretty! And I'm glad it looks like you finally found that swim diaper!