Thursday, June 30, 2011

Leybas Camping Trip Day 1

I LOVE camping and have been itching to go for quite some time now. I thought it would be fun to take my whole family (yes Ryan even flew down) being we use to go as kids. I had planned out a beautiful area that is one of my favorite spots up in the white mountains, but after all these forest fires that have been going on I had to find something else. So my mom and I called around to different campsites and found one that still allowed fires (because honestly, what is camping without fires!?) up in Oak Creek.

So Thursday morning we loaded up our cars and drove up there. It's just past Sedona and a beautiful drive. Once we got to the Cave Springs camp ground we were a little disappointed because it wasn't the camping any of us had imagined. The spots were all on top of each other and there was no privacy. Oh well. We made it work though. But we were MAJORLY disappointed because as we got there they said, "NO FIRES." Umm... boo. That's the whole reason we went there. Plus how are we suppose to cook our tin foil dinners and dutch oven dinner? Meh.

But that's okay. We made do again. We bought a camping stove and just cooked the above mentioned dinners on that. They still turned out yummy as most camping food does. Get ready for a ton of pictures!!

For some reason blogger isn't allowing me to write in between each picture... so I guess this will just have to do. First we set up camp and then we went down to the Oak Creek to play in the water. Boonie LOVES water. I didn't think he would like the freezing water but once he saw the river he cried until we put him in it. Silly little boy. Don't you just love his speedo? Actually that's just a reusable swimming diaper... but don't you love it anyway?

That's about all we did on day 1. Day 2 and 3 were pretty exciting as well. Stay tuned!

Monday, June 27, 2011

9 Months

Hello 9 months. You have officially stolen my baby from me.

Weight: 18 lbs. 12 oz. (25th percentile)
Height: 29 1/4 inches (75th percentile)
Weight for length percentile: 10th

I have a tall skinny little boy who is getting his top four teeth all at once.

Some fun things Boone is doing:
  • He crawled 4 steps/knees yesterday for the first time. He keeps alternating from his professional army scoot to a couple crawls and then plops back down to his scoot. I think he'll figure it out soon.
  • As I mentioned above, he has 4 teeth on the top coming in which is making the poor little thing fussy. The bottom two didn't give him any problems, but these are hurting his sweet little mouth.
  • He follows me around like a puppy. If I walk out of the room he'll come scooting right along and comes to my feet.
  • He's becoming MUCH more independent. He doesn't really like me to hold him at all anymore, which is why I still cherish my nursing moments.
  • He has pulled himself up onto things a couple of times. He's getting better and better.
  • He is VERY busy. He is constantly looking around and finding something new to play with.
  • He LOVES, LOVES, LOVES water. It doesn't matter how cold it is, he wants to be in it.
  • The back of his hair looks like it's going to curl. I hope so. Just like his daddy's.
Here is one of the times he pulled himself up on to a picnic basket:

His makeshift bed that he slept in the day we were doing the carpets in our house.

Being he's so busy feeding him is sometimes a challenge. If he hears a bird in the backyard and you are about to get a spoonful of food into his mouth, he'll whip his head around to look and smear the food all over. Or he'll grab the spoon. Or he'll suddenly decide to lean forward into the spoon. Here is one particularly busy dinner. Yummy bananas and berries.

Lately his favorite toy is a stick. Any kind of stick he just loves. He found my paint stick the other day and was drumming on the can. No I don't let my son play with paint... but he looked cute with his paint stick. Silly little boy. I wonder if we have a drummer on our hands.

Happy 9 months sweet Boonie. You are my favorite.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Father's Day 2011

Ever since I was a little girl my dad and I have enjoyed listening to Frank Sinatra together. I'm thankful that he ingrained some good taste of music in me. I'll tell you, there's nothing quite like listening to ol' Frank to put you in a good mood.

When I was about 10 years old he heard an ad on the radio advertising for someone who was a Frank Sinatra impersonator that was performing at a night club in Scottsdale. He took me up to this little dive where they had a live band and dancing. I was in heaven listening to Guy Pennacchio. That was his first performance. Over the years we attended different performances at clubs and such and it was always a special daddy daughter time for us. The last time we went was probably about ten years ago right before I graduated high school.

Well there is a little theater here in Peoria and one day I saw that Guy was performing at that theater the day before Father's Day. So my dad and I got to go on another date night to see Guy. He has become a special friend and it's always good to see him again. I wish I would have had my camera with me that night.

Guy has two cd's out. He really is quite talented. I'm thankful for a special night with my dad. I haven't been in Arizona to celebrate Father's Day with my dad for quite some time now. It was long over due.

I had wanted to get Mason something special being it was his first Father's Day. For Mother's Day he got me a pendant that can hold my children's birthstones. I wanted something that represented him as a father, so I got him this baseball tie tack. I figured that being it's always been his dream to play ball with his son, this would be perfect. Plus, Boone starts with B, like baseball. He can wear it and always think of his little Boonie bug.

I'm thankful for such good men and fathers in my life.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Loews Ventana Canyon Resort

Last week (Mon - Wed) we went to the Loews Ventana Canyon Resort down in Tucson. Mason had a teachers training/retreat down there. We got to stay in this beautiful resort for free!! It was so much fun!

Mason went to the meetings during the day while Boonie and I just wandered around the resort, relaxed, and had fun. I had never really been to Tucson before and it was beautiful! I think we were in a really nice area, but still... the resort up against the mountain overlooking the city was gorgeous. We went out exploring the city of Tucson after Mason's meetings each night.

On one of our adventures Boone and I found our way to the top of that tower covered in vines. We also went up there at sunset and watched all the Tucson lights come on. It was beautiful!

Every morning Boonie and I would go on a nature walk on a trail that they had in the back of the resort. It led up to a waterfall against the mountain. We saw different wildlife each time we went. Once Mason even saw a javalina! Crazy! Here we are at the top of the hike at the waterfall. Mason got to go with us one morning during one of his breaks.

A cute baby looking at the waterfall.

Washing off his dirty tootsies.

This was the first time I've ever been in a hotel with a baby and they were VERY accomadating! Of course we were staying in a high class resort, but still!! The first night was kinda rough as we got there at 11:00 pm so Boone was already exhausted. The crib that they had in the room for us was hard and looked very uncomfortable. After a night with newborn... he seriously woke up every two hours... I asked the front desk for a pack and play. Luckily they had one and he slept much better in it.

Funny story. So Boonie still takes 3 naps religiously and during those 3 hour long each naps I had to be in the room with him. He won't go to sleep unless he is left completely alone which meant I had to hide out in the bathroom. Lame you are thinking... but don't you worry!!! Our bathroom had a HUGE tub (I'm talking queen size bed huge!) and a tv in there too. So I was totally fine. Although we did realize that Boone's pack and play would fit in that previously mentioned giant tub so on the last night and following day naps he got to sleep in his pack and play in the tub. Sounds mean, but it really worked out nicely. I wish I would have taken a picture of him in there! It was hilarious!

Traveling with a baby is an adventure! I also accidently locked myself out of the room while Boone was taking a nap. That was an adventure too. Who would have thought there'd be so many things to do while your baby was sleeping and you couldn't go anywhere!? Here he is below sportin' his new BIG BOY stroller. He doesn't like laying back in his other one anymore.

We spent some time at the pool. It was a little chilly, but SO refreshing in that heat.

My friend Lindsey came over to visit and brought her little man Liam (3 months) over for a swim.

We found lots of entertaining things to do. Here is Boone watching the Koi fish that we were feeding. I think his favorite was the duck. He kept screaming at it with excitement.

What a fun little stay-cation!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Our Backyard Oasis

We bought a 'deluxe' kiddie pool at Walmart at the beginning of summer and it's been so much fun to go swimming in the afternoons. Boonie just loves it. His little floating ring allows him to run free in there - and that he does. He and his daddy get pretty wild playing shark attack. Here is Mason sneaking up on him.

The unsuspecting baby smiling for his mommy...


I love summer time.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Nerd Alert!

Guess where we went Friday night?

To a Weird Al concert.

Yup... jealous... aren't you.

And guess what... this is the second one I've been to. I'm just that nerdy. The first one my parents actually took us all to on their 25th wedding anniversary (Mason - don't even THINK about it - learn from other people's mistakes) when I was in high school. Every time Weird Al would ever come up in a conversation with anyone I had the privilege of saying, "I've been to a Weird Al concert." Kinda like I can always say that I've been to a Star Trek convention. I think Mason was jealous. And I'm guessing you are now too. Anyway, so when my dad and Kyle called us up (they are the real nerds) we just had to go.

Here is a crummy picture from my ghetto camera. This is during 'The Saga Begins' song. Or perhaps it was 'Yoda.' Anyway... Al always puts on a good show.

Of course he did 'White and Nerdy.'

And the 'Amish Paradise.'

Now Mason can say he's been to a Weird Al concert. You'll thank me someday Mason.

Just eat it, eat it, eat it, eat it
Get yourself an egg and beat it
Have some more chicken, have some more pie
It doesn't matter if it's boiled or fried
Just eat it.
-Weird AL (to Michael Jacksons Beat It)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Our Anniversary

I have a TON of catching up to do!! So let's get started! Last Wednesday was our 4th year anniversary. We celebrated it by going to Rustler's Rooste for dinner. Rustler's Rooste is a fun steakhouse sitting on top of a butte in Phoenix. The top half of the place is a lounge/bar and then to get down to the bottom half you can take a slide (or choose the stairs) but of course we took the slide! I loved that idea! So we had a nice dinner with a view of the valley and listened to the live music. It was a nice time.

For dessert they give you cotton candy as you are leaving. We ended up with two because Mason got one while I was in the bathroom and I got one while he was in the bathroom... so when we met outside - we both had one! BONUS! My camera battery died right after this picture. Oh well... atleast we got one shot out of the night.

Then we went over to the Wildhorse Pass casino and tried our luck at Roulette. We lost, then won, then lost... but ended up leaving with as much as we came in with. It was a fun night.

My mom has this fun tradition of getting us a gift that goes along with the year of marriage we are in. For example: The first year of marriage you are suppose to give 'paper' for the anniversary gift. She gave us tickets to a railroad dinner theater. Tickets made out of paper.

The second year is cotton. She gave us matching aprons with our names stitched in them made out of... you guessed it... cotton.

The third year is leather. She got us table coasters with our names and wedding date etched in them.

This year, the 4th is fruit and flowers. This is what she got us:

Representing the blossoming partnership of a couple in their fourth year of marriage, the more traditional gifts of flowers and fruits are appropriate and meaningful gifts for this anniversary.

We got seeds to plant and DELICIOUS chocolate with fruits to dip in it. I love this tradition. It makes me excited to see what's coming next.