Friday, May 20, 2011

This week...

This week has been a crazy busy one - but I love it! It's funny how I tend to go from absolutely nothing but watering the garden to a crammed full week.

Monday I had a newborn baby shoot at 3:30 and found out around 10:00 am that Mason wasn't going to be able to come home right after work to watch Boone. So this worrisome mommy freaked out because she's never left her baby with anyone but her own mom, it had to happen sometime I suppose, called basically every person I knew, got no answer, left lots of messages, and then my sweet friend Melissa called me back a gladly volunteered to watch him. She even made us dinner!! How nice is that!? She snapped a couple of pictures of him and her girls playing that I gladly stole.

Boone and Paisley (one of my nursery girls):

This is the first time he's seen a cat. I'm sure he loved it and glad he didn't hit it over the head like it looks like he's going to!

So that was Monday.

Tuesday Mason asked Stacey and I (and Boonie) to be a chaperone the as the 7th graders went to the Arizona Science Center. We were in charge of a group of 7 kids. I loved the science center and wish I could have read everything there. I'll have to go back sometime when Boone's a bit older. The kids loved meeting Boone and a bunch of them wanted to hold him.

It was great to see Mason with the whole 7th grade. He sure is the authoritarian amidst the whole group but you can see the respect in their eyes. My favorite part of the day was towards the end. There is a pulley tug o' war there where one side of the pulley the rope is tied towards the top and the other side is tied towards the bottom. It's there to demonstrate leverage but all the kids got on the side where it's on the bottom and only Mason got on the side where it was on the top. I'll tell you what... it was a close tug o' war but Mason ended up winning!! I missed the picture by like 5 seconds. :) It was fun to watch him interacting with his students. They were so sweet and not nearly as scary as I thought they were going to be.

Wednesday I had a date with my mom and Stacey. I just finished reading 'Jane Eyre' and loved it. Loved it so much! Why has no one recommended this to me before?? Are there any other Jane Ere lovers out there in my blogging world? Anyway... I had a date with these two, as they are both fans as well, to go see the new Jane Eyre movie playing in only one theater in Phoenix. So we drove over to Scottsdale and enjoyed it. *Le sigh* I'm kinda obsessed now and want to see every version ever made.

Thursday Mason asked if I (Boonie stayed home with G-ma) would chaperone the 8th graders on their field trip to Sunsplash. Yes please!! Basically this meant that I got to lay out all day with Mason on the beautiful 78 degree day that we had yesterday! It was so fun and relaxing.

Now today, Friday, thus far I have watered the garden, grass, plants in the house, and changed two diapers. That's considered busy too, you know. It's a good life.


Everts said...

Haha, loved this post! Isn't it funny how that happens? You'll go from doing nothing but mommy duty stuff for days then bam! it's like so much happens!... then back to mommy duty. :)

Thank you for your comment on my blog. Seriously made my day. You're such a wonderful mommy too. Boonie is one lucky little boy.

Lissa said...

=) I used to be a lifeguard at Sunsplash! Then I found out I was pregnant with Amber Smamber. Pretty much ended my career. lol And no, Boone sure didn't hit the cat. He didn't really know what to make of it. Paisley did try to shove it onto his lap, though. Right before snatching his phone. haha