Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Parent/Tot Swimming Class

Stacey and I signed up for the parent/tot swimming class they offer through the city. It's a 'class' for the babies to get use to the water and just to have fun. It has been a lot of fun. We have been practicing getting in the pool, trying to kick, blowing bubbles, singing songs, and just having fun.

It's a two week class. My mom came on Monday and took pictures. She wanted to see her two water babies!

Pretty much anything Boonie gets his hands on ends up in his mouth as so:

The coveted water ball:

We have dunked them a couple of times and I'm proud to say that my baby was the only one that didn't cry! He's a stud. Here he is about to get dunked!

On the boogie board:

It's been 100 degrees each day which has felt AMAZING, but Monday it totally dropped in temperature and I think the high was something like 80. So it was a bit chilly after we got out. Here are the freezing babies. Boonie's lips were blue and his tiny little goose bumps were on high alert! They would usually sit there and just stare at each other wrapped in their towels on the warmer days.

How sweet are these eyes? Poor freezing Darci.

I'm excited to take Boonie swimming all summer in my mom's pool. He loves the water!


Everts said...

How fun!! I bet it felt so nice in such hot weather! I had the boys play with the hose today outside and it was like 75. They were shaking after a half hour haha that's when I knew it was time to come in ;)

Zach & Lindsey Boskovich said...

That sounds so fun. I want to look around for a class like that. That is a good way to get them use to the water and get out of the house. :)

Jana and Brett said...

I love baby swimmin time! So cute!
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Nicole said...

We are signed up and I can't wait for it to start! Great pictures!