Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Desert Botanical Gardens

Friday it was National Garden Day (or something like that) and my sister-in-law Stacey heard that it was free admission at the Desert Botanical Gardens. So we all decided to check it out after the boys got out of school. It was pretty! They also had a butterfly exhibit set up there. That's where we went first being it closed at 5.

I was surprised at how much Boone was watching the butterflies. He would watch them until they flew out of his sight. He has been watching all kinds of things lately that just amaze me. He watches an ant crawling across our counter and just Sunday he was watching a jet fly across our sky in the backyard. He's so observant.

If I were a butterfly this is where I would hitch a ride too...

This picture makes me smile. I love those chubby cheeks!

He even watches them upside down.

Photo-op time!!

The Darci bug:

I don't really take pictures of butterflies and flowers or things like that... but this lizard was HUGE! So I had to include him in the memories.

I'll tell you what... my little chubby bunny is getting a bit too big for his baby bjorn. My back can't take much more!! (Look at those ham-hawks! I love to chew on 'em!)

I loved this old oak tree:

Cute baby:

So Boonie plays this game that I like to call 'The Cyclops Eye or Alien Eye.' We go head to head and he'll stare into my eyes. Not only is he absolutely adorable with his one giant blue eye staring at me... but it always melts my heart. Mason got a good shot of it.

Another cute little baby:

Kyle, Stacey, and Darci:

Boonie and his daddy. I think he's starting to look more and more like Mason everyday!


xantogal said...

I don't know if there's anything else to say :)

Everts said...

What great pictures!! He's so cute and you're so beautiful.