Friday, April 15, 2011

Utah's Spring Break

This past week it was spring break up in Utah and so my old roomie and dear friend Klara drove down to visit to get away from that cold and dreary weather. She got in late Sunday night and left this morning. Here is a recap of our exciting week together. Luckily Klara brought her camera everywhere. So these are all her pictures.

Monday we went downtown to Encanto park to enjoy the 75 degree weather and have a picnic. (See Boonie's little teethies??)

I had never been there before and it's a beautiful park. I am excited to go back and take Boone to the little park they have there when he gets older.

As we were walking around we passed this rock with a sock monkey on it and the birds were FREAKING out about the sock monkey. You can see them swarming it in this picture. It was hilarious.

It was the perfect day for a picnic!

That night we decided to dye Klara's hair... needless to say - I think it's true that store bought dye doesn't work. But we had fun trying.

Tuesday we decided to drive out to the White Tanks and go on a waterfall hike that I have been hearing about.

I needed to take Klara out so she could get a real taste of Arizona terrain and see all the different types of cacti. She loved the Saguro and all their crazy arms.

Along the way there were petroglyphs carved in the rocks. I would have like to have known what they represented.

Once we got there - this was the waterfall...

Not much of a waterfall... welcome to Arizona. It's a water trickle. I climbed to the top and this is where it was running the most. Observe the falls...

Meanwhile Boonie and Klara stayed behind.

The water was pretty cold and I decided to put Boone's feet in. I couldn't believe how tolerant he was! All he did was gasp once and then seemed fine.

Go BYU! (his shirt)

Day 2 was a success!

Wednesday we went to the Mesa Arizona Easter Pageant. We got amazing seats and had a wonderful time. It was beautiful.

Before the show the actors were out in the audience. One of the priests came by and we asked him to hold Boonie. Boone took one look at him and started to cry and reach for Mason. Maybe he could sense the evil in the character he was playing. But we've never seen Boone do that before. It was kinda funny.

This one is better:

Mason was there too.

If you haven't been you should check it out. It gives you the great feeling of what Easter is all about.

Then yesterday, Thursday we went down to Casa Grande. Klara has heard about it for the 5 years we've been friends... so it was time for her to finally see the place. We basically just hung out at my mom's house and played games, but still. It was a good day!

Thank you for coming to visit Klara! I miss you already!


Ashley_Cameron said...

Looks like fun! I would kill for that weather right now. And little Boone's teeth are so cute! Tae STILL does not have them. She is close because you can see the whites showing through her gums... but still waiting!

xantogal said...

I miss you already too!! I had a great time down there, and even tho my hair turned out more copper than blonde (although you really can't tell in the pictures, haha), I do like it and you'll just have to keep waiting to see me blonde :) Love you!!

Jennifer Starr said...

You are such a little outdoors girl!! Makes me realize how many fun things there are to do in AZ!!