Thursday, April 21, 2011

Phoenix Coytoes - Hockey!

Yesterday around 4:30 one of our friends, the Gardner's, called us up and asked us what we were doing that night? My response was, "Making dinner. That's about it." Well they invited us to go to a professional hockey game that they had just gotten tickets for through Rocky's work. Heck YES we'll come! I had never been to a professional hockey game. It was AWESOME!

During the first quarter we ate dinner at some fancy schmancy buffet right beside the rink. Then we ventured out to our seats which were on the second row right behind the goalie. Amazing seats! We were able to be right in the middle of at the glass slamming and puck flying! They were incredible seats!!

This was Boone's first sporting event! There sure was a lot to look at. And noise...

Speaking of noise... after the first body slammed against the glass and Boone practically jumped two rows up, plus all the F bombs that were being dropped, plus the fact that this was by far the LOUDEST sporting event I'd ever been too (which I don't mind, but for a baby... nah) we decided maybe Boone better spend this game in the lounge. So Amanda and I went back to the fun little lounge and talked while the boys watched the 2nd quarter.

Then the boys came back in between the 2nd and 3rd quarter and Mason switched me places. He sat in the lounge while I went out to watch the game. It was SO intense. I loved it! We didn't win, but that's okay. The fans for the other team, the Redwings, were crazy. See that guy with the octopus on his head below? Well after the Redwings would score random people would through real (dead) octopus's dressed in jersey's on the ice. Weird. Loud. Crazy. Loved it.

Then after the 3rd quarter we went back to the lounge and found the good little daddy with his baby like this:

It was way past Boonie's bedtime but we all had a good time. I think he even did, getting to look around at everything.

Thank you Amanda and Rocky for inviting us! We had a blast!!


Ken and Kristina said...

I've never been to a hokey game but it sure sounds like fun!! Again... Boone is THE handsomest little guy. I love him!!

xantogal said...

Remember how I love hockey... I'm glad you got to go to a game!! We'll have to try going to a game when I'm down again. Hooray for Hockey!!

MoNiCa! said...

I'm so glad you went to a hockey game! Sounds like fun!