Saturday, April 16, 2011

My big announcement!!


I have been wanting to start a photography business for a while now. I feel as though right now is the perfect time in my life to start.

Take a look at my website and tell me what you think.

Tell your friends, family, and neighbors. Lefler photography is officially in business!


Ken and Kristina said...

I cruised the site and love it!! I was scared for a minute though... when I read "My big announcement", I thought you might be pregnant... which wouldn't be bad. I'm glad you're not pregnant (I guess... Boone is pretty dang cute!) and pursuing something new. I love the website!! Let me know when you're coming to UT again. I'd like some of Ken and I that aren't wedding.

Ashley_Cameron said...

haha, sounded like you were pregnant! I love the website. Let me know when you're ever up here but then again, we will be in St. George soon... so on your way up you will have to stop there :)

Jennifer Starr said...

Good for you!!

If you ever want some biz advice or some critques.. I know a few people:) Obviously my hubby at or my dear friend Matt at

You should seriously come down to the studio one day and have lunch with Matt, I'll join you two if you want. Who knows, could lead to some great opportunities.

Also, I'm sure they would be happy to have you shadow them on a shoot or two.

The best kind of artists are ones who have enough guts to put it out there, but also the ones who are humble enough to learn and grow each day.

I think you have mad skills and sometimes I think women naturally make better photographers... they tend to have a knack for really capturing raw human emotion/tender life moments (shh..don't tell the boys;)

Much Success to You, and way to turn a passion into a new pathway in life xoxo

Everts said...

I realized, I hardly ever comment even though I read every post you do! So sorry! I'll try to read and catch up on others, then spend what seems like forever and then before I know it, I realized I didn't comment on anyone's blogs! Anyway, your photography site is beautiful! Well done! Boone is growing up so fast and he is super duper cute. Good luck with the photo thing. I need something like that I can do on the side.

Emily said...

Hey! So, when do you want to do pictures of my girls??? Love the website!