Monday, April 25, 2011

7 Months Old

Happy 7 Months my handsome little man.

These two pictures were taken on Easter. I decided that being little girls get new dresses for Easter, Boone needed something too. So I made him these suspenders and bow tie this week. I hadn't tried them on him (only to measure) because I wanted to save the full effect for Sunday. I had to go to church 30 minutes early Sunday so Mason brought him in all his cuteness and my heart almost exploded from cuteness overload. He's just so stinkin' handsome.

If you are thinking, "Goodness he's gotten BIG!" You are absolutely right. My little hunk loves his food and has beefed right up ever since we started giving him his oatmeal and veggies.

Things Boone is doing at 7 months:
  • Rollin' rollin' rollin!!!
  • He thrashes in his sleep. We go in there to check on him before we go to sleep and the slightest sound will send him thrashing in one direction or the other, but he never wakes up. We find him in the strangest positions when he wakes up.
  • His favorite toy is wormy. I need to get a picture of him with wormy.
  • He can sit up in shopping carts now and loves the whole new world he is able to see.
  • Hasn't figured out the sippy cup yet but loves to chew on it.
  • Sleeps for about 11 hours a night. It's wonderful.
  • Still loves his bath and water. We are going to go to a parent/tot swimming class next week. I'm excited.
  • He's such a sweet thing and loves his mommy so much. He is my little buddy.
  • As of this morning he is in number 3 diapers. :(

My mom gave him this little sit to stand toy for Christmas and he just loves it now. I love to look over and see him playing with it all by himself. I love his little body!

We found him like this last night. Changing the oil.

Here he is sitting in his shopping cart throne.

I love you so much my sweet Boonie baby! Stop growing please!

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Lissa said...

So cute! Are you doing swimming lessons throught the summer? Pie and I will be in the pool for the 9:45am class at Peoria Pool while Amber and Jade do their own levels. You should join us! =)