Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011

This was Boone's first Easter. The Easter bunny was very good to him this year. He was left an adorable basket full of fun things. He got some jammies, a new sippy cup, a food net thingy, the bow tie and suspenders I made him, and the cutest wooden pull along zebra that you've ever seen.

Happy Easter my sweet Boonie. I forgot to mention in the previous post that Boonie is now clapping and waving. Here he is mid-clap.

Saturday before Easter we went down to my mom's to celebrate Easter with the family. First we dyed eggs. Here is the whole Mason Lefler family in egg form. I made Mason. Mason made Boone and I complete with pig noses and all (that's what he claims we have - breathing up all his air).

Then we had an Easter egg hunt and the babies got baskets.

I think Boone was more interested in the grass.

This picture makes me laugh. Kyle took it. I had wanted a family photo... this is what I got instead.

Then we had lunch and played an intense game of Coobe. I'm not sure how to spell it, but it's such a fun game!

The Leybas boys won.

But we all enjoyed the warm, sunny weather. Boone loved the umbrella handle. He was desperate to get it in his mouth.


Cooling down:

It was a great first Easter. I hope yours was as good as ours.

Monday, April 25, 2011

7 Months Old

Happy 7 Months my handsome little man.

These two pictures were taken on Easter. I decided that being little girls get new dresses for Easter, Boone needed something too. So I made him these suspenders and bow tie this week. I hadn't tried them on him (only to measure) because I wanted to save the full effect for Sunday. I had to go to church 30 minutes early Sunday so Mason brought him in all his cuteness and my heart almost exploded from cuteness overload. He's just so stinkin' handsome.

If you are thinking, "Goodness he's gotten BIG!" You are absolutely right. My little hunk loves his food and has beefed right up ever since we started giving him his oatmeal and veggies.

Things Boone is doing at 7 months:
  • Rollin' rollin' rollin!!!
  • He thrashes in his sleep. We go in there to check on him before we go to sleep and the slightest sound will send him thrashing in one direction or the other, but he never wakes up. We find him in the strangest positions when he wakes up.
  • His favorite toy is wormy. I need to get a picture of him with wormy.
  • He can sit up in shopping carts now and loves the whole new world he is able to see.
  • Hasn't figured out the sippy cup yet but loves to chew on it.
  • Sleeps for about 11 hours a night. It's wonderful.
  • Still loves his bath and water. We are going to go to a parent/tot swimming class next week. I'm excited.
  • He's such a sweet thing and loves his mommy so much. He is my little buddy.
  • As of this morning he is in number 3 diapers. :(

My mom gave him this little sit to stand toy for Christmas and he just loves it now. I love to look over and see him playing with it all by himself. I love his little body!

We found him like this last night. Changing the oil.

Here he is sitting in his shopping cart throne.

I love you so much my sweet Boonie baby! Stop growing please!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Phoenix Coytoes - Hockey!

Yesterday around 4:30 one of our friends, the Gardner's, called us up and asked us what we were doing that night? My response was, "Making dinner. That's about it." Well they invited us to go to a professional hockey game that they had just gotten tickets for through Rocky's work. Heck YES we'll come! I had never been to a professional hockey game. It was AWESOME!

During the first quarter we ate dinner at some fancy schmancy buffet right beside the rink. Then we ventured out to our seats which were on the second row right behind the goalie. Amazing seats! We were able to be right in the middle of at the glass slamming and puck flying! They were incredible seats!!

This was Boone's first sporting event! There sure was a lot to look at. And noise...

Speaking of noise... after the first body slammed against the glass and Boone practically jumped two rows up, plus all the F bombs that were being dropped, plus the fact that this was by far the LOUDEST sporting event I'd ever been too (which I don't mind, but for a baby... nah) we decided maybe Boone better spend this game in the lounge. So Amanda and I went back to the fun little lounge and talked while the boys watched the 2nd quarter.

Then the boys came back in between the 2nd and 3rd quarter and Mason switched me places. He sat in the lounge while I went out to watch the game. It was SO intense. I loved it! We didn't win, but that's okay. The fans for the other team, the Redwings, were crazy. See that guy with the octopus on his head below? Well after the Redwings would score random people would through real (dead) octopus's dressed in jersey's on the ice. Weird. Loud. Crazy. Loved it.

Then after the 3rd quarter we went back to the lounge and found the good little daddy with his baby like this:

It was way past Boonie's bedtime but we all had a good time. I think he even did, getting to look around at everything.

Thank you Amanda and Rocky for inviting us! We had a blast!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

My big announcement!!


I have been wanting to start a photography business for a while now. I feel as though right now is the perfect time in my life to start.

Take a look at my website and tell me what you think.

Tell your friends, family, and neighbors. Lefler photography is officially in business!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Utah's Spring Break

This past week it was spring break up in Utah and so my old roomie and dear friend Klara drove down to visit to get away from that cold and dreary weather. She got in late Sunday night and left this morning. Here is a recap of our exciting week together. Luckily Klara brought her camera everywhere. So these are all her pictures.

Monday we went downtown to Encanto park to enjoy the 75 degree weather and have a picnic. (See Boonie's little teethies??)

I had never been there before and it's a beautiful park. I am excited to go back and take Boone to the little park they have there when he gets older.

As we were walking around we passed this rock with a sock monkey on it and the birds were FREAKING out about the sock monkey. You can see them swarming it in this picture. It was hilarious.

It was the perfect day for a picnic!

That night we decided to dye Klara's hair... needless to say - I think it's true that store bought dye doesn't work. But we had fun trying.

Tuesday we decided to drive out to the White Tanks and go on a waterfall hike that I have been hearing about.

I needed to take Klara out so she could get a real taste of Arizona terrain and see all the different types of cacti. She loved the Saguro and all their crazy arms.

Along the way there were petroglyphs carved in the rocks. I would have like to have known what they represented.

Once we got there - this was the waterfall...

Not much of a waterfall... welcome to Arizona. It's a water trickle. I climbed to the top and this is where it was running the most. Observe the falls...

Meanwhile Boonie and Klara stayed behind.

The water was pretty cold and I decided to put Boone's feet in. I couldn't believe how tolerant he was! All he did was gasp once and then seemed fine.

Go BYU! (his shirt)

Day 2 was a success!

Wednesday we went to the Mesa Arizona Easter Pageant. We got amazing seats and had a wonderful time. It was beautiful.

Before the show the actors were out in the audience. One of the priests came by and we asked him to hold Boonie. Boone took one look at him and started to cry and reach for Mason. Maybe he could sense the evil in the character he was playing. But we've never seen Boone do that before. It was kinda funny.

This one is better:

Mason was there too.

If you haven't been you should check it out. It gives you the great feeling of what Easter is all about.

Then yesterday, Thursday we went down to Casa Grande. Klara has heard about it for the 5 years we've been friends... so it was time for her to finally see the place. We basically just hung out at my mom's house and played games, but still. It was a good day!

Thank you for coming to visit Klara! I miss you already!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Weary Traveler

Boonie is officially off and running! Well, rolling that is. He has discovered a whole new world of excitement that he is just so pleased about. We love putting him on one side of the room and having him roll all the way over to us. He's pretty proud of himself too.

In the mornings or after naps I'll hear in him his room just making silly noises. When I go in there he's on his tummy and just smiling as big as he can because he can actually see over the bumper now. What a big boy!

Well the other day I found this:

He had rolled into the living room where I have a whole bunch of stuff that I'M SO EXCITED TO TELL YOU ABOUT - but not yet... and he fell asleep.

And I love even more the fact that he fell asleep with his binkie upside down. All this rolling business is tiring!!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Six Months Old

Boone Lefler
16.7 pounds - 50%
27 1/2 inches - 75 %

I had better get this post done before he's 7 months old! My, oh my has it really been half a year since I've had this sweet baby boy? Boone being six months old has just opened up a whole new world of delight and entertainment. I feel like so much has changed since him turning the big half year mark!

Here are some fun things Boonie is doing:
  • Started solid foods - he's had baby oatmeal, green beans, mixed vegetable, and a combo of bananas, apples and pears. He's a great eater now and I just love how wide he opens his mouth. He also wimpers in between each bite - the anticipation is more than he can handle. I like feeding him solids. I love his expressions.
  • Says "Da da daddy da" all the time. But the funny thing is the way he says it. He uses his 'soft' voice and kinda sounds like he's using a little girl voice. A couple of mornings when he woke up when Mason's alarm went off (no he didn't hear it - it's just a six sense) I've brought him in to bed in the dark and he will just sit there and really quietly say "Daddy da dad da" for a bit. Mason says it makes waking up at 5:30 am not so bad.
  • He's completely sleeping through the night now. HOORAY! His bedtime is 8:30 and he has been sleeping all the way until 7:30 or 8:00 for the past week now! He use to sleep from 8:30 to about 5:30 but sometimes he'd go all the way through. Well one night last week he woke up at 2:30am and I said, "I'm not going in there. He's fine." He cried for an hour, but since then he's slept for 11 or 12 hours! So I guess that ONE night of sleep training paid off! What a smart little dude.
  • On Tuesday he started rolling over from front to back. WATCH OUT WORLD! Here comes Boonie Lefler!! He's rolling ALL over the place now. We put him on one side of the living room and he will roll all the way over to us. He is SO happy with his new ability and wants to be on the ground all the time now - which is rare because he use to HATE tummy time. It's so fun to watch!
  • He like to give me kisses. Whenever I put him over my shoulder to burp him he turns his head, grabs my face and slobbers all over me. Every single time. And I love it. Even though most of the time it results in him burping right in my face, but I love it.
  • He has two teeth!!! Barely. The bottom left finally broke through on the 26th and the bottom right just broke through on Tuesday. They are just barely peeking through the gums.

He is just such a sweet boy. I love his personality and how he makes every person that meets him smile.

These are all pictures from his six month photo shoot (in our backyard I might add):

I love my days with this little boy. I feel so blessed to be able to spend every single day with him.

We call this our little sufer dude ready for church.

He LOVES bath time and will just sit in there and splash away! One of his favorite parts is when I pour the water over his head. He just laughs as it runs over his face. I think he's going to love swimming this summer!

He loves his duckies! You can actually see the water running off his face in these pictures. He just loves it!

I sure do love you little Boonie Lefler. I love being your mommy.