Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Break - Sedona

Spring break was last week and we had a WONDERFUL week together. It was the most I've seen of Mason since school started and I loved it and so did Boonie.

We spent a wonderful week at home doing yard work and house work and just lounging around enjoying the beautiful spring air. On Saturday we decided to drive up to Sedona and go on a picnic/hike. It's so pretty up there and Mason had never been so I had to take him.

We went down to Red Rock Crossing and did a mini-hike to a VORTEX along the river. It was so pretty. Here we are below standing on the vortex and receiving lots of positive energy from the earth. :)

Everything started out great. We used a new hiking backpack that my mom had bought for us at a garage sale a while back. The only problem was that Boonie was a little bit too little for it. So we had to prop him up with pillows and such.

It all started out in smiles...(and bubbles)

Along the river there were TONS of these piles of rock formations that people had put there. We think they were prayer rock piles...? But we're not sure. They were cool to look at though.

About halfway through what we wanted to be the whole hike we realized, with the help of Boone's vocal cords, that the seat he was sitting in made it impossible for him to take a nap and he was exhausted. Poor little guy. He fought it for a bit, but ended up losing the battle - which looked something like this:

We didn't want his head to snap off so Mason took him out and carried him the 30 minutes back to the car. It was pretty cute. This was also the first time Boone has gone to sleep in our arms. What a real baby he was being.


xantogal said...

What an adorable picture of him sleeping! And you and Mason look simply amazing :) can't wait to see you!!

Molly said...

I love his bubble covered chin & sweet smile!