Friday, March 4, 2011

March 1, 1975

This past Monday was my parents 36th wedding anniversary. My dad sent out pictures and an email to all of us kids and it's something that I want preserved. So here it is. Congratulations you two for making it this long in a world where 36 years of marriage doesn't happen that often anymore. I'm proud of you guys for sticking through the hard times and loving us so much. I'm happy to have been a part of 28 of those years. I just love all of these pictures from their wedding day. I love how young they look, I love the polyester, I love the sideburns on my dad, and I love how happy and in love they look.

Here is his email: Today, March 1, 2011, is Karen and Manuel Leybas’ 36th wedding anniversary. I recall vividly the blushing young bride on this fateful day so long ago. Even though neither of us were members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints we were allowed to be married in the Flagstaff Stake Center because Karen’s dentist in Flagstaff, Willis McEuen, was the stake president. Willis is Scott McEuen’s cousin. Both Karen and I were interested in the church in 1975 but had not yet joined. Each person who came to the wedding for Karen assumed Manuel was the member. Each person that cane to the wedding assumed Karen was the member.

The actual service lasted just a few minutes because the NAU singles branch president, Tom Goodman, Sr., had never performed a wedding before and he was more nervous than the couple being married. Karen’s mom says she barely got seated before the whole service was over! The music of “The Carpenters” was played in the chapel as the prelude music. Yes, it was quite a special day indeed. The wedding reception was at a Flagstaff reception area at “The Afton House.” The reception consisted of a buffet of Chinese food. Manuel is still so proud that all but the wedding party had left the reception before Karen and Manuel left! Manuel enjoyed eating to the end!
The maid of honor, Anna Mackey, and best man, Bruce Murchison, were childhood friends of Karen and Manuel. The 2nd best man, Lance Grigsby, was asked to protect the car from wedding day pranks. Yes, he was wearing two concealed handguns. Needless to say, nothing at all was written on the newlywed’s car!
(I love this picture of my mom. I think she just looks so beautiful in it.)
The honeymoon took place at Kohl’s Ranch near Payson Arizona.
Yes, these photos are in very bad shape as they fade away with time. The one thing that has not faded away is the devotion to the marriage that these two have for each other. Many find their marriage different than most, yet it has endure incredible challenges. As this couple enters twilight years there are many adventures and challenges yet to be experience and or endured!
(And this picture is quickly becoming one of my favorites. I'd never seen it before he sent out this email. I love how young they look and how short my mom's skirt was! :D)
Thank you Karen for being my wife during these past 35 years. I love you.
A couple of years’ photos that followed are shown here. The one year photo was taken on March 1, 1976. That was the year Karen and Manuel were baptized. The second photo was from March 1, 1977. Today is the 33rd anniversary of the couple being sealed for time and all eternity in the Mesa Arizona Temple.
Happy Anniversary you guys! I love you both so much.


Ken and Kristina said...

I love that post!! I had no idea your parents were converts. How great! Your mom was a beautiful bride!! Thanks for sharing those pictures.

Michael and Lindsay Condie said...

This post is too great. Thanks for sharing!!! Your parents are so fun. Congrats to them!

xantogal said...

Such great memories. I'm glad your dad passed along those photos and told about the wedding day. What an awesome thing to pass along to their grand kids!