Friday, March 18, 2011

Boonie's basketball

I was going through my teaching stuff the other day and found this little basketball. Boonie is just in LOVE with it. Every time we bring it out he wants to hold it and always tries to get it in his mouth. He's such a cutie and all boy already. Don't you just love this little outfit too? Here come some pictures:

I am just in love with these blue eyes.

He's sitting up now. How about this grin? Mason calls it the bitter beer grin. He does it all the time.

It's a great life.

Our tree has already grown all it's leaves back. I just love our backyard right now.

Grammy was over visiting.

So fun!

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xantogal said...

He is getting so big! Everyone here says hello to you :) *that'd be Lisa and Janet.

ingrapo: a silly word that would be used in The Three Amigos