Friday, March 25, 2011

Boone's First Food

Being Boone is now 6 months old we started him on solids Wednesday night. First he got his milk, like always. We took these pictures because this was the first time he was given his bottle in his bumbo and he just looked hilarious the way he was chugging it. Observe:

A view from the top:

Mommy loves:

All by himself:

Anyway, so back to the post about his first food... We bought some baby oatmeal and here comes baby's first bite! Yum!

I think he liked it!!! I absolutely LOVE this picture:

I look at this picture below and think that most of it ended up on his face/bib... hopefully some got in that belly!

My little boy is growing up so fast! He tried green beans last night and clearly he didn't enjoy those as much as the oatmeal. I was only able to get about 4 spoons in... but I don't blame him... they were pretty gross. I wish I would have had pictures of the faces he was making. He kept shaking his head as if trying to shake out the nasty taste. It was funny.


xantogal said...

So cute! You just have the cutest baby ;)

Ken and Kristina said...

Very cute pictures!! I thought about you today. Today was the annual Ridgeline 1st Grade "Mason and Munchies". We miss you!!

Kimberly said...

Try sweet potatoes. They're easy to do homemade, and Morgan really likes them.

Lissa said...

I've always adored feeding my babies "solid" food! So fun to experiment with different tastes/textures to see what they like and definately don't like. =)

Britta Mosman said...

Too cute!! 6 mo already?! Wow!! Eliah didn't like and still doesn't like green beans. I don't blame them. Just the smell made me gag.