Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Nov. & Dec. Catch Up

So I just got a whole bunch of pictures that I didn't have off of my mom's camera the other day that can't be left out of the memory book. So bear with me... Here is a post with many, many pictures. I'll be impressed if you make it through the whole thing. And it begins:

Proud Uncle Eric on Thanksgiving:

So I had to put this picture on here because of the funny story that went behind it. I am the only sister among the 3 boys and let's just say there haven't been any nursing ladies around - ever. Well I was sitting on the couch and Boone started to fuss because he was hungry. I got the boppy and put on my nursing cover and started to get ready to feed him. Well I draped the cover over Boone and at this point Boone starts to get really impatient and mad. My youngest brother Eric is sitting next to me on the couch and he lifts up the cover and says, "What are you doing to him... He doesn't like the blanket in his face!!" My oldest brother Ryan then says, "What the heck are YOU doing??" to Eric. Luckily I wasn't exposed yet, but you could see the light go on in Eric's head when he realized what was happening. He go SO embarrassed. It was so funny!!

The two proud uncles:

Mason and I prepared Thanksgiving ourselves this year!! Everything turned out wonderfully for my first!!! I'm so proud! The only problem was the amount of food. I had no idea how much to make for 13 people and made WAY too much. Stacey's family was in town and we hosted for them too.  But better too much than not enough huh?!

Yes Boonie, everyone was thankful for you:

The cousins being buddies:

Next we come to Nov. 28 which was Darci's blessing day. It was such a good day and her dress was absolutely beautiful.

At Kyle's house after the blessing. Here is Great-Grandma with her two babies:

And Ryan:

And my handsome little man all dressed up:

One wasn't enough:

Two handsomes:

Now we move to the Leybas Christmas which was held on the 27th. Here's Boone and his mommy:

And Great Grandma:

This is how my dad opens every single gift he is given - above his head so everyone else can see it first:

The rest of the crew:

Opening presents:

The picture that Mason is taking from above looked like this:

Boone and Daddy:

One of Boone's presents. He looks impressed doesn't he??

Here are some of Darci's gifts. I'm sure she's going to use that theater cup often:

Lastly, here are some pictures of the cousins from when we were redoing my mom's bathrooms:

The face-off:

 You survived!!!! Now go do something else.


Holly and Daric said...

LOL! That first story is hilarious, thanks for sharing!

Ken and Kristina said...

Not only did I survive, but I looked at the pictures twice. I love the update! That little Boone is a looker!!

xantogal said...

I'd rather read your blog than stand outside in the snow and wind any day!! :) Love the pics!

Michael and Lindsay Condie said...

I loved all the pics, you guys have such a great family. It's shocking to me how much Darci looks like Stacey more and more every day!

Kyle, Stacey, and Darci said...

These pics are so fun! I'm so glad we live close together so Boone and Darci can hang out. Thanks for sharing!

Jennifer Starr said...

okay, I can barely look at those sweet little baby bug is out of control!!! They are soooo cute!! Love seeing photos of your hilarious family xoxox