Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A few more...

I believe this is the last of my photos that I need to catch up.

First on Feb. 5 we drove down to Tucson to go to Lindsey's baby shower. She is having a boy - Liam. I was so glad to be able to go being I missed her wedding and all those happenings. I can't wait to meet little Liam. Him and Boone will be great friends!

Mason's basketball team played in the play offs on Feb. 8 ending up in 3rd place. Again that's a great accomplishment for a team who hasn't even cared about sports for the past couple of years. The game was intense and I think they would have won if they wouldn't have kept throwing these WILD passes into the audience. It was a great season! These pictures came out so bad because I forgot my good camera at home.

Here is little Boonie out getting some Vitamin D while we tilled our garden on the 12th. Don't you just love those itty bitty flip-flops? We are so excited to try an Arizona garden!!! We are going to plant this weekend.

Here is Boone's first time wearing a tie. (Feb. 13) It didn't stay on long, but he sure did look handsome.


Ashley_Cameron said...

OH my gosh! Could he be any cuter in that tie?!

Kimberly said...

Our computer died, so I was a bit behind, but congratulations to Mason and his team! And yes, the little flip flops are so cute. Good luck with your garden. The year we did it was so rewarding (even though most things died :P).

K. said...

Awwww........I haven't seen that little tie for MANY years. It brought back some great memories. All of Boonie's uncles wore that tie!

xantogal said...

Love. Love. Love. That's all I have to say ;)

Pellist: not an optimist or a pessimist... it's the OTHER one. Hahahaha