Friday, February 25, 2011

Renaissance Festival 2011

On President's Day we went to the Renaissance Festival. Mason's parents were in town and had been hearing about it for a while now, so we had to take them. They loved it!

I didn't really get any pictures of the shows this year. My pictures are just of the family. But we had such a good time. Ryan was here with his *soon to be fiance - hopefully* Stacy. Here we are at the mud man show:

Here's Boonie wondering what his Grandma is doing with that camera. Little peeper:

One of the highlights of the festival is the food... namely the turkey legs. Here is Darci planning on how she will devour that turkey leg. "If only I had teeth!!" she is thinking.

Here we are watching a show:

Matching hats!!

I love this hat. Thank you Molly!!

At the entrance there is one of those things where you put your heads in to take pictures. Here are Laura and Tom:

Ryan and Stacy:

Darci and Boone. On Stacey's blog (Darci's mom) she said that this picture of Darci and Boone remind her of the comedy/tragedy masks. I love it!


Kyle and Stacey:

Cute little Darci:

I just realized I didn't get one of my parents. Next year you guys. I'm warning you now Manny.
I love the Renaissance Festival!! I'm excited to take Boone when he's a little bit older. Then he can ride the butterfly swings and play the cute little games. What a fun day!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A few more...

I believe this is the last of my photos that I need to catch up.

First on Feb. 5 we drove down to Tucson to go to Lindsey's baby shower. She is having a boy - Liam. I was so glad to be able to go being I missed her wedding and all those happenings. I can't wait to meet little Liam. Him and Boone will be great friends!

Mason's basketball team played in the play offs on Feb. 8 ending up in 3rd place. Again that's a great accomplishment for a team who hasn't even cared about sports for the past couple of years. The game was intense and I think they would have won if they wouldn't have kept throwing these WILD passes into the audience. It was a great season! These pictures came out so bad because I forgot my good camera at home.

Here is little Boonie out getting some Vitamin D while we tilled our garden on the 12th. Don't you just love those itty bitty flip-flops? We are so excited to try an Arizona garden!!! We are going to plant this weekend.

Here is Boone's first time wearing a tie. (Feb. 13) It didn't stay on long, but he sure did look handsome.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Laundry Day!

This is what laundry day looks like in our house now-a-days.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Nov. & Dec. Catch Up

So I just got a whole bunch of pictures that I didn't have off of my mom's camera the other day that can't be left out of the memory book. So bear with me... Here is a post with many, many pictures. I'll be impressed if you make it through the whole thing. And it begins:

Proud Uncle Eric on Thanksgiving:

So I had to put this picture on here because of the funny story that went behind it. I am the only sister among the 3 boys and let's just say there haven't been any nursing ladies around - ever. Well I was sitting on the couch and Boone started to fuss because he was hungry. I got the boppy and put on my nursing cover and started to get ready to feed him. Well I draped the cover over Boone and at this point Boone starts to get really impatient and mad. My youngest brother Eric is sitting next to me on the couch and he lifts up the cover and says, "What are you doing to him... He doesn't like the blanket in his face!!" My oldest brother Ryan then says, "What the heck are YOU doing??" to Eric. Luckily I wasn't exposed yet, but you could see the light go on in Eric's head when he realized what was happening. He go SO embarrassed. It was so funny!!

The two proud uncles:

Mason and I prepared Thanksgiving ourselves this year!! Everything turned out wonderfully for my first!!! I'm so proud! The only problem was the amount of food. I had no idea how much to make for 13 people and made WAY too much. Stacey's family was in town and we hosted for them too.  But better too much than not enough huh?!

Yes Boonie, everyone was thankful for you:

The cousins being buddies:

Next we come to Nov. 28 which was Darci's blessing day. It was such a good day and her dress was absolutely beautiful.

At Kyle's house after the blessing. Here is Great-Grandma with her two babies:

And Ryan:

And my handsome little man all dressed up:

One wasn't enough:

Two handsomes:

Now we move to the Leybas Christmas which was held on the 27th. Here's Boone and his mommy:

And Great Grandma:

This is how my dad opens every single gift he is given - above his head so everyone else can see it first:

The rest of the crew:

Opening presents:

The picture that Mason is taking from above looked like this:

Boone and Daddy:

One of Boone's presents. He looks impressed doesn't he??

Here are some of Darci's gifts. I'm sure she's going to use that theater cup often:

Lastly, here are some pictures of the cousins from when we were redoing my mom's bathrooms:

The face-off:

 You survived!!!! Now go do something else.

Friday, February 11, 2011

No More Burritos

My sweet little Boonie has officially outgrown his burritos. He has been without them for about a week and a half now. He also doesn't fall asleep with his pacifier anymore either. Oh what a big boy I have.

It all started about two weeks ago when he started sleeping like a newborn again all of the sudden. He would wake up every 2-3 hours just screaming and when I'd go in there he would be thrashing around like a wild man and have his hands wiggled out of the burrito and stuck in his face which I think frustrated him even more. So I decided to take him out the next night and see what would happen. I also thought I'd try having him fall asleep without the binkie to see if that helped. I wondered if when the binkie fell out in his sleep it was waking him up. Plus I had read that it was easier to take the binkie away before 6 months. I'd rather not have to wean him off that.

Well low and behold I now have a professional non-burrito, non-binkie, baby. He even puts himself to sleep at night. We'll hear him in there talking to his animals or the walls or his hands for about 5 minutes after we put him down, and then he just falls asleep. Am I lucky or what?!

Again though, I am sad because this is another 'big boy' moment. I loved putting him in that burrito and he looked so cute wrapped up like a little cocoon.

Congratulations Boonie. You are just growing up too fast. And another funny thing is that he is losing his hair! I look at this picture above and he has so much hair!! Right now it's funny looking because he has some REALLY long ones on top that almost reach down to his eyes... but there are only a few. Then he has his new hair growing in underneath that. It's cute, but I find little blonde Boonie hairs all over everything!! I saved some for his baby book. I've really got to stop being so nostalgic or I'm not going to be able to handle this child-rearing thing.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Party After Church

Often times when we get home from church there is a party that takes place with everyone changing out of their dress clothes. Stage one: The Face-off

Somehow I missed stage two, but it always ends in many giggles and a half naked baby.

Those bare ribs are always the most ticklish!

Monday, February 7, 2011

28 Years Young...

The 31st was my birthday and I must say that this is the first birthday that I have had in a LONG while where I haven't been dreading the age. I think it's because I finally have a baby and each year before this I was always thinking, "Oh great... I'm 26 and don't have a baby. Oh great... I'm 27 and don't have a baby." So it was kinda nice to not wake up feeling a little sad about the day. This is also the first birthday I've been able to spend with my family since I turned 20. So I really enjoyed that too.

The Friday night before my birthday Mason took me out for sushi and shopping. Then Saturday morning we went to the Mesa temple. We've never been there and I am really wanting to make sure that we go once a month for this whole year. It was the first time we had done sealings too, so that felt special.

Then we came home and had our family party. We had a picnic in the backyard and then played a riveting game of croquet. I think that was the first time many of my family members have ever played that game. We had a fun time!

Kyle and Stacey enjoying the grub.

Happy Birthday Mommy!!

The rest of the fam minus Grandma and Darci.


I love these two boys so much. And I love this picture so much.

The game I was telling you about.

I hope I don't have a pyro on my hands. :)

Happy Birthday to ME!!

                                                     Thank you mom for the cake!!!