Thursday, January 6, 2011

Utah Christmas

I was all excited to take pictures of Boone in the snow and totally prepared with my camera... until I realized I'd left the battery at home charging in the wall. SOoooo... luckily we brought our video camera that also takes pictures, even though not very good ones, but I guess some pictures are better than none. And thus begins the Utah Christmas post.

The day we got up there it was snowing beautifully. I think it snowed about 8 inches. I loved it. It was the beautiful quiet snow. Then the rest of the week it melted and then it snowed a little again the day before we left. Absolutely perfect. I got to enjoy the snow this year without having to hate it.

So the Lefler's had their annual Christmas party. Right in the middle of dinner there was a knock at the door. It was Santa and Mrs. Claus!! I was so happy they just happened to be walking down the street because I had been feeling bad that Boone hadn't had the chance to sit on Santa's lap for his first Christmas. Hooray for Santa!!

Here are all the cousins on the Lefler side minus 3. There's Monet, Gabey, Zach, Avery, Wolfie, Boone, Sydney and Gracie who was terrified of Santa.

After dinner we did the nativity scene. There were new costumes this year! And I just LOVE Sydney's (Joseph's) unibrow.

Baby Jesus always had a pacifier. Didn't you know?

Then we did the gag gifts which sadly I didn't get any pictures of. Oh well. Laura had Mason and she got him a pot to put in the ashes of his problem students and a monkey that laughs insanely for him to listen to when he's going insane at school. Bryan had me and he got me a PVC pipe to use on any intruders in the home along with a sponge to gag myself with so I don't scream and give away my location. The story behind this was one day Mason came home 2 hours early and I thought he was an intruder. Instead of hiding and doing something smart I just stood in the baby's room and screamed. It was sad and funny at the same time. Now we just laugh.

I had Tom. I made him an igloo for him to go live in being his house isn't his own now that so many people live there. Mason had GG and he made her a powerpoint video that was an intervention for all her cell phone usage. It was a fun night as always.

Christmas morning we woke up and opened presents. It was so fun having a baby this year. Baby presents are so much more fun than adult presents.

And his favorite gift was the purple string.

And yes, he really is THAT cute. :)
Merry Christmas.

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Stephanie Saunders said...

If it's any consolation, I think I've only done the picture-with-Santa thing ONCE since having kids. And that was with Taylor his first Christmas. Plus all my kids hate Santa with a passion.

One time we got back from a trip and our door was open. We figured we had forgot to close it all the way and it just blew open, but just in case, I told Kent to go check the house out. Out of all of his options in the garage (which included an axe and hammer) Kent picked an airsoft gun. Really? Yeah, that'll scare him off. And with Kent doing call at the hospital so much, I think I'm going to start sleeping with a bat under my bed.

And yes, he really is THAT cute (I'm talking about Boone here, not Kent).